Overwatch 2 McDonald’s collab arrives with Epic Lightning Tracer Skin

Overwatch Tracer Lightning SkinBlizzard

After months of leaks and teasers across social media, Overwatch 2’s collaboration with McDonald’s has finally landed down under as Australian fans can now get their hands on limited-time Overwatch meals to unlock the Epic Lightning Tracer Skin.

Weeks before Overwatch 2 arrived in early access, fans were caught off-guard by a head-scratching display at McDonald’s. At one particular branch in Australia, an employee noticed a new ‘Overwatch 2’ meal option on their menu.

Initially, that was all we had to go off. Weeks of silence from both Blizzard and McDonald’s then followed before we got our first official teaser on October 10. Now just days later, the crossover promotion has been revealed in full with new Overwatch 2 meals available down under.

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Just by purchasing one of three Overwatch-themed meals, fans can get their hands on an Epic Tracer skin along with an exclusive Maccas bag with Overwatch characters featured in the design.

Overwatch 2 McDonald’s deal

Three unique meals are now available for a limited time in Australia only. Fans can get their hands on a Big Mac Meal, a McChicken Meal, or a 10-Piece Chicken McNuggets Meal as part of the promotion. However, it’s worth noting that these Overwatch meals must be ordered through the MyMacca’s App.

For the time being, it’s unclear if this Overwatch promotion will cross the pond and reach international McDonald’s stores. Moreover, there’s also no telling when this deal will come to an end. All we know for certain is that it’s first come, first served, as the unique Skin that accompanies this deal has a “limited number of codes” to go around. More on that below.

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Overwatch 2 McDonald's promotionMcDonald’s Australia / Blizzard
This Overwatch 2 McDonald’s promotion is only available in Australia to start.

Epic Lightning Tracer Skin with Overwatch 2 McDonald’s meals

By purchasing one of the Overwatch meals listed above, you’re entitled to an in-game bonus. This comes in the form of the Epic Lightning Skin for Tracer. While not entirely original, having debuted all the way back in 2018, this option provides quick access for those still looking to round out their cosmetic collection.

After grabbing your food, McDonald’s will send you an email within 48 hours. This email, arriving at the same inbox linked to your MyMacca’s App, will then have a code for you to redeem on right here on BattleNet.

If you already own the Tracer Skin, unfortunately there’s nothing else to trade it in for. That’s the only in-game bonus available for this limited-time promotion in Australia.

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