Is Overwatch 2 getting a McDonald’s meal? Fans spot OW2 on restaurant terminal

Michael Gwilliam
ow2 mcdonalds crossover

Overwatch 2 fans trying to buy a burger at a kiosk in McDonald’s may have stumbled across a possible meal tie-in for the sequel’s launch next month.

After years of waiting, Overwatch 2 is finally going to be released on October 4. With new characters, game modes, maps, and a free-to-play model, Blizzard is hoping the sequel will bring fans back to its hero shooter.

While there has been little in the way of marketing so far, that could be about to change in a big way thanks to a discovery in the most unlikely of places.

On September 7, a couple of users on Reddit posted screenshots of McDonald’s terminals that interestingly had Overwatch 2 listed leading to plenty of community speculation.

Overwatch 2 community stunned by possible McDonald’s crossover

One poster remarked how they work at a McDonald’s in Australia and was stunned when they saw Overwatch 2 listed on the terminal.

“Anyone know anything about this?” they asked.

A similar thread popped up on the Competitive Overwatch subreddit where a player wondered about an “Overwatch 2 meal” being in the cards.

Some began wondering if Blizzard could be planning a Happy Meal for Overwatch 2 or some sort of crossover to mark the game’s release.

Not everyone was lovin’ it, however. One user, who claimed to work at a McDonald’s in Australia noted how “random things get added onto POS terminals” that “never get added to the menu,” adding how they would have heard about the crossover by now.

It’s also worth noting that McDonald’s had partnered with the Overwatch League’s Washington Justice and the San Francisco Shock in the past, so the two do have some history together.

In any case, as we head towards Overwatch 2’s release, we shouldn’t have much longer to wait to find out if McDonald’s plays a role in OW2’s marketing.

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