Overwatch 2 players pull off insane “uno reverse card” trick with Lifeweaver

Theo Burman
lifeweaver overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 players have managed to discover a new interaction between Junker Queen and Lifeweaver that ruined one Roadhog player’s day.

Lifeweaver has been out for a while now, and although he’s received more changes on release than any other champion before him, players are getting better at using his abilities properly.

This is especially true for his most controversial ability: Life Grip, which allows him to pull allies to safety, but also risks messing up their engage or strategy if you’re not on the same page.

But this Junker Queen player pulled off the perfect knife throw as they were being rescued by their support, making for a clutch elimination on the enemy tank.

Overwatch 2 players discover new trick with Lifeweaver

In a post on the Overwatch 2 subreddit, one player showed off a trick they used to play an “uno reverse” against the enemy tank.

The clip begins with a Junker Queen player pushing onto the point on Nepal, a map infamous for its large death pit. The enemy Roadhog, looking to capitalize on this, hooks the Junker Queen into the pit, which would mean a guaranteed death in any other situation.

However, the Junker Queen’s ally Lifeweaver was thankfully paying attention to the fight, and immediately pulled her to safety from across the map.

As she flew back to the edge, the Junker Queen threw her dagger at the Hog and recalled it, pulling him into the pit that he had tried pushing the Queen into.

Other Overwatch players praised the Junker Queen’s quick thinking, with one viewer saying: “That was awesome! We should always keep a knife in Hog’s belly, just in case.”

Another said: “I thought Lifeweaver pulling Bob out of the pit after I hooked it off this same point was impressive, this is just next level.”

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