Overwatch 2’s Lifeweaver is already coming in clutch for saving teammates

Lifeweaver using Life GripBlizzard

Lifeweaver’s kit is one of the strangest additions Overwatch 2 has seen, and as players get their hands on the new hero, clips of the Thai support coming in clutch are quickly emerging, though not all of the plays might have been intentional.

With Lifeweaver making his way onto the scene, the support role has a new focus on positioning and verticality, while also enabling other players to be more aggressive.

Players have only had access to Lifeweaver for a few hours, and even then, only those with the premium battle pass have got him unlocked, but we’re already seeing the insane impact that Life Grip, easily the new hero’s most controversial ability, can have on Overwatch 2

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Lifeweaver’s Life Grip is already saving both allies and enemies

It’ll take a while for players to get used to how Life Grip works, and like any new hero, players are still unsure about how to get the most out of Lifeweaver.

But we’re already seeing the implications of such powerful abilities, and it’s only going to get more chaotic as more players tune in for Season 4.

In one clip posted to the Overwatch 2 subreddit, an enemy Reinhardt is transported up to the roof on King’s Row last point by his Lifeweaver’s petal platform, just in time to stop a potentially devastating High Noon.

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The Cassidy player is then yanked away from the Reinhardt by his own support, before the Reinhardt jumps down for a huge Earthshatter. However, Life Grip interrupts the animation and pulls the Rein back to safety, while also positioning all the targets just out of reach.

This one clip encapsulates the potential of Lifeweaver to both help and hinder all players in the game.

In another clip, Lifeweaver counters a huge Zarya ultimate, pulling his ally Soldier 76 to safety and putting down a Petal Platform to lift his tank out of the graviton surge. This allowed his team to regroup and return fire.

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Petal Platform has a ton of unique interactions, and players are only scratching the surface of what he’s going to be able to do in the right hands.

One thing is clear: The support meta is going to be changing extremely fast, especially when the next hero, who is also confirmed to be a support, releases.

For more tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Lifeweaver, check out our full guide, and for more information on all the new content in Season 4, our analysis is here to help.

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