Overwatch 2 fans rejoice as devs “fix” the game by finally making vases breakable

Vases in esperanca is now destructibleBlizzard

Overwatch 2 fans are celebrating as the devs have finally “fixed” the game – with previously invincible vases on Esperanca now actually breakable. 

Anybody who has ever played or watched a pro match of Overwatch would know that it is a rite of passage to destroy every single object in your sight when spawning. Everything from random knick-knacks on the wall to railings meant to keep buildings OSHA regulated, it all has to be destroyed. 

On one hand, the chaos is cathartic. But on the other, it can actually serve a minor gameplay purpose. Railings especially, can serve as obstacles as you try to flee, so removing them from the equation right away is key.

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However, players previously found that the vases in Esperanca, which are normally destructible in other maps, were completely indestructible. Naturally, this all but ruined the experience.

Mercifully, in the latest mid-season patch for Overwatch, the devs have finally rectified the biggest problem in the game bar none, and have finally made these vases destructible, as they should be. 

In Overwatch 2’s announcement of the May 9 patch, Blizzard locked in several buffs and nerfs to heroes, a new ping system, a whole new game mode, but most importantly, the fact vases are now breakable. 

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The patch notes for Esperanca read, “replaced the indestructible vase in the spawn rooms to a regular ceramic vase that can shatter. Please break them at your own will.”

Naturally, the community is rejoicing. A Reddit thread was made on the Overwatch forum with the caption, “This isn’t a drill. The game is fixed.” 

Many others in the comments also agreed that the indestructible vases may have bothered them more than they should have. “Honestly I thought I was the only one filled with rage that the case couldn’t be broken,” wrote a commenter. 

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And another added, “Finally, my vase-based genocide can be completed.”

However, this is not the only vase-related shenanigan the devs have pulled. Ever since the release of Oasis, there is a big vase that when destroyed reveals a smaller vase hidden in it. Which is, indestructible. Thus, we can’t always win, but it’s clear the devs are in on this hilarious joke.

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