Overwatch 2 director addresses Season 3 bug that put Gold players in GM lobbies


Overwatch director Aaron Keller has addressed a Season 3 bug that’s been putting Gold-ranked players into Grandmaster lobbies, promising to fix it soon. 

Upon Overwatch 2’s release, there were complaints about its ranked system. The change to seven wins or 20 losses for a rank update was not appreciated by most legacy players

It was also hit with reports of players being put into Ranked games they did not belong in, with Bronze players being paired with those in the Top 500.

Developers had promised in previous Seasons and patches that they would rectify the issue, but it still remains to this day. According to Keller in a Tweet, even with the competitive changes, there were still instances of Gold players being put into GM lobbies in Season 3.

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“Earlier today we started rolling out fixes for an issue where players from a much lower skill tier would get pulled into higher skill games,” Keller said. Adding that the team is monitoring the situation and making changes as needed. 

Season 3’s competitive patches came with several changes to the game’s ranked system. In older Seasons, a player would gain a rank update upon getting seven games or 20 losses, but now it’s five wins or 15 losses. 

And it was said that they were making changes to the average MMR between each role to be more evenly matched. Keller added that the current matchmaking imbalance was caused by this patch. 

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“A byproduct of these changes was pulling gold players into GM lobbies. That’s what these fixes are targeted at,” he said.

But despite the reports of mismatched lobbies, there has been anecdotes of players ranking up faster than in previous Seasons. It is unknown if this is caused by the current problems of the competitive queue.