Overwatch 2 players demand answers as unbalanced ranked matchmaking issues persist

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Overwatch 2’s ranked matchmaking continues to place Bronze players in higher ELO games, and Blizzard’s silence has fans wanting answers.

Since Overwatch 2’s launch, there have been a number of major ranked issues with the new competitive mode causing all sorts of whacky matchmaking, resulting in uneven matches.

While Blizzard had originally said they fixed a glitch that caused skilled players to place far lower than they would otherwise, there’s been plenty of ongoing problems since then.

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As more and more OW2 players document instances of Golds and Plats showing up in Top 500 games, the more confidence they’re losing in the matchmaker.

overwatch 2 matchmaker issuesBlizzard Entertainment
Overwatch 2’s ranked system is really upsetting players.

OW2 players blast matchmaker for unbalanced games

The latest catalyst for players calling on Blizzard to address Overwatch 2’s ranked woes comes in the form of a tweet made by Content Creator SVB, who both praised and blasted the game.

“The game of Overwatch feels as good as it has ever done and yet, sadly, the matchmaking feels as BAD as it’s ever done,” he said.

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“Even in the death days of OW1 when we had plats and top 500 in the same lobby, the matches felt more ‘balanced’ than they do now.”

He went on to explain how many of his contributions to match outcomes felt “pointless,” with games being a complete steamroll due to ‘glue-sniffing teammates.’

Overwatch players demand answers for OW2 ranked issues

SVB’s remarks created a discussion that spread to Reddit and beyond, with some expressing a desire for Blizzard to make some changes to the ranked system.

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“Uninstalled the game a couple days ago to take a mental break because of the terrible matchmaking,” one replied. “Hopefully something is fixed next patch.”

“Unfortunately, this is the result of developers implementing a rank reset. Even though this one was not a full reset, the rank modifications have caused undeniable scrambling of teammate skill,” someone else theorized.

Another player voiced their suspicions on why this was happening: “The hidden SR and player ranks makes it more difficult to gauge matchmaking quality, and I have a strong suspicion that Blizzard is using this to cover up subpar matchmaking.”

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ramattra overwatch 2 staff formBlizzard Entertainment
Will the OW2 matchmaking issues be fixed before Ramattra launches?

The last time Blizzard addressed ranked was on October 13 to apologize for its system placing players lower than they should have and nothing in regards to the current issues. However, there was one tidbit of hope within the blog post.

The devs have noted that they plan to “make more improvements to Competitive” and are monitoring player feedback. While it’s unclear if this means they’re planning yet another ranked revamp, the fact remains that players are tired of being left in the dark.

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Hopefully, we can get plenty of updates about the future of ranked and upgrades to it before the start of the second season on December 6 and the introduction of the newest hero, Ramattra.

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