Overwatch 2 streamer shocked after matchmaker still puts Bronze n00bs in Top 500 games

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Overwatch 2 Twitch streamer ‘Chazm’ is slamming the ranked matchmaker for putting a Bronze player into a Top 500 competitive lobby.

The matchmaker in Overwatch 2 has been quite controversial since its launch. In addition to placing experienced players in lower ranks, it’s also been accused of even demoting those who go on impressive win-streaks.

To make matters worse, we’ve seen countless instances of low ELO n00bs showing up in very high-ranked games with no one really understanding why.

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While Blizzard has promised to update the ranked experience and has claimed its made improvements, a recent Twitch broadcast shows that those changes may not have been all that meaningful.

Bronze player queues into Top 500 Overwatch 2 lobby

During a match on Overwatch 2’s Paraíso Hybrid map, streamer Chazm noticed that the Sojourn on his team seemed to be a bit lacking in the skill department.

After checking out the player’s profile, he was shocked to see that they had placed Bronze in Season 1 before going on a big win streak early in Season 2.

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“Blizzard, you can’t be serious? The guy’s Bronze last season. This season he made it to Diamond 5 playing Sojourn,” he remarked. “I think he didn’t play Overwatch 1! He’s barely got into Diamond and he gets into a full Top 500 lobby.”

“It’s unreal. I can’t believe it!” Chasm sighed before theorizing why this was. “I guess even if you were Bronze before, if you go on a giant win streak you get GM MMR super fast.”

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Although the streamer went on to discuss the possibility of this being a returning player trying to grind Bronze, it didn’t change the fact he was still Diamond 5 in a lobby full of elite Overwatch talent.

As these issues continue to plague the OW2 community, it’s unclear what Blizzard has in store. Both the new format for ranked and its system have been blasted by casuals and pros, so we’ll have to see if the devs can revamp competitive play sometime in the near future.

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