Overwatch 2 will reportedly be adding Mauga as a new Tank hero

. 18 days ago
New Overwatch 2 hero mauga
Blizzard Entertainment

After being in the background for years, it seems like Mauga will finally become a playable hero in Overwatch 2. However, we might have a bit to wait before we can try him out.

Mauga was first introduced in the Baptiste short story, ‘What You Left Behind,’ which came out all the way back in 2019. While he was confirmed by Jeff Kaplan to be an upcoming hero, there’s been no sign of him since the story released.

However, according to a new interview with Overwatch 2 devs, it seems that he’ll finally be arriving as a Tank hero after the sequel releases on October 4.

Mauga reportedly coming to Overwatch 2

Blizzard has promised more supports and tanks coming in Overwatch 2. Baptiste's old ally Mauga seems to fit that to a tee.
Blizzard Entertainment
We could finally get the chance to play Baptiste’s old ally, Mauga, in Overwatch 2.

On June 17, a post was made on the main Overwatch subreddit that summarized an interview French content creator Potxeca had with devs Aaron Keller, Geoff Goodman, and others.

Unfortunately, Potxeca has made the interview with devs private, but according to the post, it was “basically confirmed that the new tank hero in Season 2 is Mauga.”

We already knew from the Overwatch 2 info stream on June 16 that a new Tank hero would be arriving for Season 2. With Mauga being an established character already, him being the first new Tank after Junker Queen makes a lot of sense.

Mauga might not be officially confirmed yet, but we still can’t wait.

Potxeca’s video has been a treasure trove of info — with details on cross progression and a third Overwatch 2 beta, as well — but at this point, it’s impossible to confirm whether it’s entirely true or not.

Until we hear officially from Blizzard, we can’t say for sure whether or not Mauga will be the next Tank hero arriving after Junker Queen. However, after a three year wait, it would be a perfect time to finally introduce the big guy to the game.

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