Overwatch 2 fans confused as Hero age update fixes half the problem

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Overwatch 2 fans were left confused after Blizzard’s Hero age update fixed one problem with Sojourn but included a glaring omission involving Kiriko.

Overwatch 2 fans were left confused after Blizzard confirmed the official ages of each Hero in the game, which ended up presenting some noticeable inconsistencies.

For example, many fans took issue with Sojourn’s canonical age of 47, which would have made her a child soldier in the Canadian Military before the Omnic Crisis.

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Now, Blizzard has released an updated chart showcasing the Hero’s ages, but leaves out one glaring omission in the form of the Support Hero Kiriko.

Overwatch 2 Hero age update leaves out Kiriko

According to Overwatch Cavalry which compiled an infographic of the updated changes, Sojourn has now been aged up from 47 years old to 51.

While this still makes her a bit young to be a seasoned commander in the Canadian Military, it no longer makes her age range questionable as a possible child soldier.

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While many fans were glad to see this, some were confused as to why Sojourn’s age controversy was addressed but Kiriko’s was still left unresolved.

For those who may not know, in the game’s lore, a child Kiriko grew up and trained with a younger Genji and Hanzo under Kiriko’s mother’s tutelage. In the official art, Kiriko looks to be no older than 10, while Genji and Hanzo appear to be in their mid-to-late teens.

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However, given that Kiriko is 21, and Genji and Hanzo are 37 and 40 years old respectively, it would make it impossible for them to have trained together thanks to other lore complications.

As such, fans took umbrage with the omission in the updated age chart. “And they didn’t change Kiriko… like the biggest inconsistency??” said one fan.

Some argued that the developers simply put themselves in a corner with previous lore implications and couldn’t change Kiriko’s age as a result. “They literally cannot make her older… On the flipside, they boxed themselves in with her lore.”

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It is certainly a muddy situation to say the least. Hopefully, the writers over at Blizzard can find some way to believably fit all these ages together for those who really care about the lore behind the hero shooter.

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