Mauga arrives in Overwatch 2 without any base legendary skins and players are furious

Liam Ho
Mauga in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 players are furious at the devs for releasing new tank hero Mauga without any base legendary skins to acquire for free.

Overwatch 2 has just begun its new season. Season 8: Call of the Hunt launched with a new battle pass, new Beast Hunter skins, new weapon skins, and much more. Season 8 also saw the introduction of a new tank Mauga, who had been teased in the lore for quite some time.

Mauga is the 12th tank to be added to the Overwatch 2 roster, bolstering Chainguns capable of decimating enemy teams. His ultimate also locks himself and his enemies into an arena, granting them infinite ammo so they can mow down anyone in their path.

Like any other hero release, Mauga also comes with several skins on launch. These skins are purchasable straight away, allowing players to pick up cosmetics and begin customizing the character as soon as possible. However, players have taken issue with Mauga’s legendary skins in particular.

OW2 players furious at lack of base legendary skins for Mauga

Players are furious that Mauga doesn’t have any base Legendary skins available on release. Instead, Mauga has an event skin and a battle pass one, meaning players are unable to purchase any legendary skins for the hero with the freemium Credits currency.

Many expressed disappointment, expecting Mauga to follow the trend of heroes before them.

“Didn’t they say though that the future heroes would have legendary skins available for credits on release? JQ, Kiri, Souj, Wifeleaver, Illari, and Ramattra did, are they seriously going back on their word? Not surprised,“ one user stated.

“Yep, and people were defending Blizz yesterday saying he will surely have some more,” another user lashed out.

Others compared the current state of Overwatch 2 with its prequel.

“This is a horrid precedent to set. I remember saving up coins in OW1 specifically so that I can pimp out heroes on release. Are we eventually no longer gonna be able to do that?” they questioned.

It’s uncertain if Blizzard is planning on adding more skins for Mauga for Overwatch credits, but it’s clear the player base is less than pleased with the current offerings.

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