Original Overwatch concept art could hint at McCree’s new name

Bill Cooney
McCree fires his six-shooter
Blizzard Entertainment

An early piece of Overwatch concept art could be a hint at what Blizzard may end up renaming the hero formerly known as Jesse McCree. 

Some of the biggest news in Overwatch right now is that the game’s revolver-wielding cowboy DPS hero will be getting a new name. Why? Because “Jesse McCree” is an actual employee at Blizzard involved with the ongoing scandal.

In an effort to distance the character from the IRL person with the same name, McCree will be officially getting renamed later on in 2021. What will his new name be? We might not have to look any further than some OG Overwatch concept art.

McCree gameplay in Overwatch
McCree won’t be McCree for much longer, but what will his new name be?

As pointed out by Blizzard insider Naeri on Twitter, McCree’s new moniker could actually be based on his original concept. In that early iteration, instead of a pistol-spinning cowpoke, the character’s a highland Scottish warrior, with a claymore instead of a peacekeeper.

Instead of Jesse McCree, players could very well be picking “Joel McCloud” if Blizzard decides to go back to the old concept art for inspiration.

We know, we know, you’re probably rolling your eyes thinking ‘McCloud? That is incredibly lame,’ and you’re probably not alone. However, it just might work barring any legal action from Nintendo, since it’s different enough, but still makes you think of the character.

Think about it this way: would you rather have the gunslinger named something like Dale or Roger? No, it just wouldn’t work. Though it might not be a massive hit with fans, Joel McCloud could just be what we call Overwatch’s cowboy going forward.

When will Blizzard change McCree’s name?

We currently don’t know exactly when McCree’s name will be getting changed to whatever Blizzard decides to make it. But, Blizzard has come out and said they’ll be doing so “soon” so we could very well see it happen in an update before too long.

Whatever happens we’ll always love Overwatch’s resident gunslinger, even if he does get named “McCloud” like a certain spacefaring Fox.