Are Overwatch All-Star skins coming back? PTR change hint at return

All stars Mercy skinBlizzard Entertainment

Players who missed out on their first chance to pick up the Overwatch League All-Star skins could soon have a chance to grab them once again.

When it comes to Blizzard’s cosmetics there are few more sought after than the Overwatch League All-Star skins. The good news is, we could soon have a chance to pick them all up again.

A recent change on the Overwatch PTR could signal the return of the long sought-after All-Stars skins. The only question is, which skins could be included, and when could it happen?

owl all star skinsBlizzard
All-Star skins have been an annual tradition of the Overwatch League for years.

Every year that the Overwatch League has been going on, there has been an All-Star competition. As a result, we’ve gotten a pair of awesome skins to mark the occasion each year.

Traditionally, these have only been available for a couple of weeks before they’re locked away in the Blizzard vault. However, new developments on the PTR could change all of that.

First noted by Reddit user u/Proto_VI the OWL All-Star skins are no longer listed as “Legacy” skins on the PTR. We can’t say exactly when, but it does seem like a good bet that All-Star skins will be coming back for purchase sometime soon.

This means if you still want to get D.Va or Mercy’s All-Stars skins, you could be getting another chance. Just to note, Mercy’s “Pink” skin is not an OWL All-Star skin, and as such is still listed as a “Legacy” skin.

When will OWL All-Star skins come back?

Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va’s All-Star skin is one of the most sought after skins for the fan-favorite tank.

So, when will the OWL All-Star skins be coming back? Even though they’ve been unlisted as “Legacy” skins, that doesn’t tell us exactly when we can pick them up again.

That being said, if these skins are no longer hidden behind the Legacy wall, they could theoretically come out anytime after the PTR goes live. This means we could see them available as soon as the first week of September, but we’ll just have to wait and see for sure.