Stunning Overwatch skin idea makes Echo stealthier than ever

Sam Comrie
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players are always looking to one-up their rivals with creative ideas and this Echo skin is a masterclass in stealth. 

There are plenty of Overwatch players who have become known for their constant creativity, be it for creating new heroes, new games modes, or even potential fresh skins for the current crop of heroes.

For some avid fans, stealth is the new key to success and they’d like to see character skins match that going forward.

The only question is will you see them coming or will it be too late to fight back?

Echo Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Echo is a challenge to learn but rewarding to master.

Keeping it tactical

Skin creator Evanyla regularly takes to Reddit to share their stylishly effective concepts and this time, she’s brought her impressive Echo skin concept to life.

This stealthier take on Echo is poised to strike from the shadows. With stealth bomber-inspired detailing, Echo is more formidable than ever.

Initially created as a rough idea, the skin received praise from the start. The reception to her reimagining of Echo spurred her on to devise the 3D render that has blown some fans away.

Fellow Overwatch players have showered the new design with praise too. “It’s times like this I wish Blizz would pay commission to implement popular fanmade content,” commented one fan hoping for custom content.

“It’s times like this I wish Blizz would pay commission to implement popular fanmade content. I’d buy this in a heartbeat,” added another.

While there are plenty of skin ideas, Blizzard releases predetermined skins currently and hasn’t really tapped into some of the most unique fan ideas. Overwatch doesn’t support any customisation beyond base inclusions and that’s a shame.

If player skins continue to be this slick, we’ll be lining up to get our hands on them.