Overwatch 2 devs outline plans to make Sombra more “active” in rework

Theo Burman
Sombra activates EMP on IliosBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s premier hacker hero is due to be reworked soon, but what will the new and (hopefully) improved Sombra look like?

Sombra has been in an odd spot for a while now, and she just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the roster.

She doesn’t want to take fights fairly and relies on hacking, re-dos, and invisibility to make sure that enemies are always on the back foot.

Combine that with her EMP and the fact that means she’s almost never seen on the front lines of battle, and playing with a Sombra can be just as frustrating if she’s on your team as if she’s on the enemy’s side.

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However, we’ve got some new indications on how the rework is shaping up.

Sombra rework slated for Season 7 of Overwatch 2

Overwatch Cavalry is reporting that the Overwatch team have several priorities for the Damage hero’s rework, including making Sombra be more committed to engages and making her feel more active.

This is likely a response to the frustration that playing against Sombra creates. If the invisibility wasn’t bad enough, her translocator is the most reliable and instant disengage in the game.

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The fact there’s a direction indicator on it doesn’t even matter; it’s almost never worth following up on a teleporting Sombra unless you know exactly where she went,

The challenge of this rework is making Sombra less frustrating to play as and against while also retaining her identity as the “hacker” hero. Silencing mechanics are always going to be very difficult to introduce healthily, but there aren’t a lot of options for what a “hack” might do. the Overwatch team have their work cut out with Sombra.

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For more news and updates on Sombra’s rework, check out the timeline of when we can expect it to drop.

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