Overwatch 2 players confused as July 9 patch ships with several game-breaking bugs

Jeremy Gan
sombra in overwatch 2 using ability

Overwatch 2 players have been left confused by the July 9 patch as the update shipped with several game-breaking bugs, with secret nerfs and buffs to characters.

Season 11’s midseason update is perhaps one of Overwatch 2’s bolder patches, giving every Tank hero a significant buff, which has been lambasted by players as the “worst” update ever.

The controversial balance changes have made the likes of Mauga and Ramattra almost unkillable, even against pocketed Tank busters like Bastion, with every other role suffering as a consequence.

In the patch, however, many players immediately realized there were many changes in the update that weren’t included, many of them game-breaking.

One of the biggest bugs players instantly noticed was on Sombra. In the update, if a teammate goes into the visible range of a Sombra, instead of only that player seeing Sombra, your entire team can see the Sombra.

This bug almost makes Sombra’s invisibility useless, as now the entire enemy team can track a Sombra very easily.

Additionally, another odd bug affecting Sombra is now you can use her EMP while Translocating, which is a buff considering you had to wait for your Translocate to fully TP to your target and then hit your ult.

Another bug that had been affecting Ramattra players was that all his cooldowns were set to 11 seconds, which is obviously a major problem as that means his shield’s cooldown is shorter and his Nemesis Form is now longer.

Yet another unannounced buff, which may be a bug, is that Orisa’s Javelin now deals headshot damage. The only buff Orisa received was a slight duration increase to her Fortify, with no mention of any changes to her Javelin.

With this change, a well-place headshot Javelin can bring down a Tracer to nearly one HP, needing just two body shots (or a single headshot) to kill them

So far, the problem of Ramattra’s cooldowns and Sombra’s invisibility bug has been addressed, however, the stealth buffs for Sombra and Orisa haven’t been addressed yet.