More Doomfist tank rework details revealed by Overwatch 2 devs

Michael Gwilliam
Doomfist tank rework in Overwatch 2

The Overwatch 2 developers have revealed lots of new information about Doomfist and his potential rework into a tank hero for the upcoming sequel.

With Overwatch 2 moving to 5v5 gameplay with teams consisting of just one tank each, a lot of the existing cast is having their kit changed significantly. One of the heroes who may be getting the most attention is Doomfist who could even be changing roles.

His explosive mobility and one-shot potential make him a formidable threat in the current game, but the devs want to try something new with the sequel by turning him into a tank better suited for Overwatch 2’s brawler playstyle.

During an October 13 AMA on Reddit, lead hero designer Geoff Goodman was asked about the potential rework and revealed some interesting details about changes being tested internally.

Overwatch 2 devs reveal Doomfist tank rework

Doomfist as a tank
Doomfist is being tested as a tank in Overwatch 2.

Despite no hero officially changing roles just yet and the rework just being tested internally, the devs have already found him easier to balance as a tank hero instead of DPS.

“Doomfist’s kit is full of crowd control effects and mobility, which makes it difficult to tune and balance him as a DPS in OW2,” Goodman explained. “As a Tank though, he can keep those key properties to his kit since those can fit nicely into a Tank role (mostly the crowd control stuff).”

Currently, the Talon hero’s ability to one-shot targets with his Rocket Punch or Seismic Slam into Rising Uppercut combo can be very annoying to deal with. So, finding a way to still keep him a threat while adding new tank properties is key.

New Doomfist abilities in Overwatch 2 teased

Doomfist with Reaper and Widowmaker
Doomfist could be gaining a new defensive ability.

“Of course this means he’ll be losing some damage and gaining some defenses,” Goodman added without revealing exactly what will be cut and added. That said, it’s not hard to imagine Doomfist using his gauntlet as a shield of shorts to protect teammates.

Goodman went on to suggest that Doomfist will be gaining a new ability because he doesn’t quite feel right without one as a tank: “Some of the early feedback so far is that he’s not really feeling like a tank without having at least one active defensive button (his main defenses are passive atm), so that’s something we’ll probably try next.”

Rocket Punch is a core part of Doomfist’s kit.

Doomfist Rocket Punch changes

Furthermore, Goodman explained how part of what makes Doomfist a good tank is his ability to initiate a fight with his team.

“One thing we’re testing is for Rocket Punch to create an area knockback around a target he impacts, creating a new ability to knock multiple enemies away (or into walls!),” he revealed.

Given how early all these changes are, it’s unlikely we’ll see the new tank Doomfist for ourselves anytime soon, but hopefully, the rework is smooth and we can try him for ourselves when a beta is eventually available.

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