Joker Mercy skin could put a smile on any Overwatch fan’s face this Halloween

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overwatch mercy halloween joker
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While Overwatch heroes get blessed with a number of spooky Halloween Terror skins, Mercy has been left out of the fun. Fortunately, an artist came up with a Joker design for her and it’s… surprisingly effective.

When you think of Mercy, you think of a steadfast healer who prioritizes the needs of those around her. When you think of Joker, you probably have a different set of thoughts. Maybe a creepy, scarred smile or a deranged zeal for anarchy come to mind.

But, as they say, opposites attract. 

And that was the case for concept artist Eugenia Karavaeva, who decided to turn Mercy into 2019’s Joaquin Phoenix version of the Joker. Red blazer, green hair, clown makeup — Karavaeva gave Mercy an unexpected Halloween makeover.

Joker Mercy for Overwatch Halloween?

Normally, Overwatch’s Halloween skins are basically spooky versions of the heroes’ normal selves. This year alone, Reinhardt got the Draugr, undead viking treatment, while Lucio became a horned demon goat.

But Karavaeva’s Mercy Halloween idea is much more modern. She took a pop culture reference and slapped it onto the hero with unbelievable results. Not only are the pose and setting perfect, but Mercy actually looks pretty good in the red, orange, and green.

Her hair matches the wings, too, which is an excellent touch.

Witch Mercy Overwatch
Witch Mercy is one of the most popular cosmetics in all of Overwatch.

Overall, Joker Mercy is an unexpected twist. While the original Mercy Halloween skin is a fitting witch, equipped with the broom and all, this one feels a bit more deranged. 

Typically a positive hero, Karavaeva’s iteration even has a somber facial expression. 

And so, we can answer the question with this skin concept. What do you get when you cross a winged support hero with a mentally ill supervillain? You get what you f**king deserve: a pretty fun idea for a Halloween outfit. 

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