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Overwatch players discover “game-breaking” jump trick with Moira’s new Halloween emote

Published: 13/Oct/2021 17:35

by Michael Gwilliam


The new Overwatch Halloween Terror event has introduced an emote that can allow Moira to reach new heights and become an even bigger threat on the battlefield.

Emotes in Overwatch may not be as lucrative as skins or even highlight intros, but they can occasionally offer something unique gameplay-wise that can provide an advantage.

For instance, using a sit emote can give players a third-person view of the action, allowing them to see an enemy approaching while remaining hidden behind cover.

Now, players have found one of the most insane emote tricks in the game that lets Moira traverse the map better than before, but it only works with her new Halloween emote.


How to do Moira’s new Overwatch emote jump tech

As explained by Twitch streamer NolanCoronaV, the trick lets Moira essentially Fade jump without ever needing to use her Fade ability.

On Watchpoint Gibraltar, by standing on a piece of machinery, crouching and putting your crosshair in a very specific spot, you can emote and be propelled straight into the air, eventually onto the high ground.

“It’s game-breaking because you save Fade!” the streamer explained.

Will the emote tech be patched?

The trick isn’t just limited to one part of Watchpoint either. Players have already found out ways to perform the tech on Junkertown, Dorado, and Hanamura, with plenty more likely on the way.


Being able to save your Fade cooldown can pay dividends in combat, so there’s little reason not to use this trick to access high ground if you were just going to Fade jump to begin with.

Of course, it’s unlikely that the devs intended the emote to work this way and there’s a chance it gets patched out, but, until then, it has some practicality that may be useful in matches.

Be sure to try it out and scare the enemy team in the process.