This hero concept could be the tank Overwatch desperately needs

Bill Cooney

The Overwatch community loves coming up with unique new hero concepts, and the latest one from YouTuber Blame The Controller could fill a niche in Overwatch’s hero pool.

The latest new hero added to Overwatch was Ashe, but fans also got a preview of another upcoming hero named Echo during Ashe’s reveal at BlizzCon 2018.

With Ashe as a DPS, and Echo most likely coming as a support hero, fans are wondering: where are all the tanks?

Blame The Controller’s awesome hero concept is named Ares, and he fills out a role a lot of players have been looking for.

The YouTuber said he had three goals in creating Ares:

  1. Create an alternative to Reinhardt (NOT a replacement)
  2. Weaken triple tank and triple support (Stacking AoE healing)
  3. Provide a “Defensive ultimate” for a tank

Since Blizzard has said they don’t intend to put a cap of stacking healing effects, Blame The Controller figured a hero who would be able to limit the effectiveness of healing would be a good alternative instead.

Ares primary weapon, his “Energy Spear,” would do 65 melee damage every .7 seconds, but with a shorter radius than Reinhardt’s. His shield would have 2500 armor as compared to Reinhardt’s 2000, but given that it’s a circular shield, the protection won’t be as extensive.

One of his secondary abilities, “Sunder,” would have the hero leap to an area dealing 70 damage and decreasing enemy healers effectiveness by 50 percent. “Shield Slam” is another secondary ability that would knock enemies directly in front of Ares back 8 meters, while dealing 50 damage.

His ultimate ability, “Phalanx,” turns Ares into “the ultimate bulwark for his team”, which makes him invulnerable, much like Zenyatta’s Transcendence, and provides 25 percent damage resistance to teammates behind him.

Ares just looks pretty awesome too, and Blame The Controller got some help from artist X-SEIDE-T on the final design.

It’s certainly a fascinating hero concept, and an interesting video on how a hero like Ares could fit into Overwatch.

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