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Overwatch streamer Emongg encounters hilarious stream sniper

Published: 3/Jan/2019 19:52 Updated: 3/Jan/2019 21:49

by Joe O'Brien


Overwatch streamer Emongg found himself being questioned by a suspicious account while streaming the game.-

During a recent stream, Emongg encountered a “queue sniper” – someone who was watching his stream in order to know when to join the queue in an attempt to get into a match with him.

Streamers usually don’t like people who “stream snipe” – either as in this case to get into a game with them, or simply because they happened to have ended up in a game with the streamer by coincidence. It often means the streamer will be particularly targeted during the match, making for a more difficult experience.


In this case, however, the sniper in question simply wanted to get into a game with Emongg in order to land a joke, for which he’d even set up an account with a specific name.

In November 2018, a bizarre movement began to report premium Snapchat creators to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for making money from adult content that wasn’t being reported to the tax service. The movement even generated its own hashtag – “ThotAudit”.

The stream sniper, whose account name was “IRS”, stated he had joined Emongg’s game simply to ask whether or not he had a premium Snapchat – which Emongg declined to comment on – before leaving.


While stream snipers can usually be considered one of the potential perils of playing games as a popular broadcaster, in this instance it resulted in an extra moment of harmless entertainment– for Emongg’s fans.