Insane Reinhardt Overwatch tricks could have you charging to victory

Brad Norton
YouTube: KarQ

If you’re an avid Reinhardt main in Overwatch, these unbelievable tricks could give you a massive edge in your next competitive session.

Reinhardt is a character that often finds himself in flux throughout Overwatch. As new heroes come into the rotation on a weekly basis, and others find themselves dominating the meta all the while, Rein can always be a solid option to have in your back pocket.

While the Earth-shattering Ultimate is often easily blocked, and his shield can be depleted in a split second, there’s only so much that opponents can do to block his Charge.

Here are a handful of next-level tips from content creator Nathan ‘KarQ’ Chan and veteran Rein player Liam ‘Liam’ O’Donnell to help up your game.

Charge into battle with these incredible Reinhardt tricks.

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The first staggering trick could easily throw your enemies for a loop when attacking or defending the second point of Horizon Lunar Colony.

Rather than slowly rotating and pushing towards the objective, it turns out that Reinhardt’s Charge can actually get him across the point in a matter of seconds.

Charging from the right-side high ground over to the left, the Tank hero is able to carefully bounce off of two beams in between. While the function might not seem all that useful on paper, such a quick rotation is sure to leave enemies dumbfounded in action.

Blizzard Entertainment
Reinhardt just became far more viable on Horizon Lunar Colony.

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A crazy surfing tactic on Blizzard World allows Reinhardt to deal with pesky snipers, perhaps more effectively than a Winston or D.Va.

While defending the first point on the Hybrid map, players are able to jump on top of the wooden boat, Charge forward, and carefully grind towards high ground on the opposite side.

A more difficult trick to master, this tactic could certainly come in handy for clutch Reinhardt mains looking to frag an enemy or two while the defending team respawns.

Climbing on top of this boat on Blizzard World could prove more useful than ever before.

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Another clever and practical tip allows Reinhardt to launch himself back into the fight on Lijiang Tower’s Garden stage.

Instead of walking across the precarious bridge or getting trapped indoors, Rein can spectacularly Charge over the gap towards the capture point.

Charging from the spawn door, players need to hold their jump button in order to just barely make it across the deadly chasm. If the opening barriers haven’t been destroyed, however, “you will fall,” Liam explained. 

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The full rundown features similarly niche Reinhardt tricks across every single map in the game, so be sure to watch and find the tactics for your favorite locations.

If you’re up to speed with all the crazy Rein tech though, here’s a shield-specific play that could easily swing your next team-fight.