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Genius Overwatch shield trick can counter Zenyatta’s Transcendence

Published: 6/Apr/2020 17:35

by Michael Gwilliam


Zenyatta’s Transcendence is one of the most powerful support abilities in Overwatch, healing for a whopping 300 HP per second. While not many abilities can damage through the Omnic monk’s Ultimate, proper shield placement can completely deny the healing.

Tank streamer TBerq showed off this trick during a ranked match on Junkertown. With his team pushed back to defending the third point, the Reinhardt player made a big-brain play with his barrier to earn a fight victory.

Despite being down a player and whiffing his Earthshatter, TBerq’s Zarya decided to combo with the friendly Hanzo with a Graviton Surge – Dragonstrike combo. However, the enemy Zenyatta came right in with his Transcendence.


Blizzard Entertainment
Zenyatta’s Ultimate heals for 300 HP a second.

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In addition to Zen’s Ultimate healing for 300, the enemy Ana wasn’t caught in the Graviton Surge and was free to pump more healing into her team. What’s more, is that if she landed a Biotic Grenade on her team, it would have boosted their healing received by 50%, meaning Transcendence would heal for a whopping 450 per second.

That said, the Reinhardt player was quick to act and positioned his barrier so that it was in-between the floating Omnic and his team, denying the healing from coming through.

“I’ll cut off his healing,” TBerq told his squad, earning their approval for the big-brain play.


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“Oh my goodness,” the Zarya laughed. “Rein, you’re a genius. I’ve literally never seen a Rein do that.”

Thanks to that move, the Hanzo – Zarya combo was enough to wipe the opposition and stop the attack before the payload was able to reach the third checkpoint.

Reinhardt isn’t the only tank this is possible with. Smart Winston, Sigma, and even Orisa or Brigitte players can use their shields to split up the healing from a Zenyatta and his team.

Blizzard Entertainment
A well-placed Winston bubble can prevent healing too.

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Additionally, if the enemy team is in a Grav and has a Lucio instead of a Zenyatta, you could act quickly and position your shield before he is able to use Sound Barrier as that ability requires line of sight to give teammates the extra health.


Next time you’re in a ranked game, be mindful of what Ultimates your opponent has and try this tactic out. If you can deny enemy support abilities their value, there’s a good chance you’ll be winning the game.