How to kill slept Tracers in Overwatch without wasting Reinhardt’s charge

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

A new technique for Reinhardt is making its way around the Overwatch community, and it’s a great way to take care of a sleeping Tracer without wasting your charge.

One of the best ways to deal with an annoying enemy Tracer is to hit her with Ana’s Sleep Dart, if you can, and let your team take care of the rest.

Reinhardt can obviously charge the sleeping hero to instantly end her existence, but there is another option that doesn’t drain any of his cooldowns and is a good technique for players to get down in general.

Blizzard Entertainment
Tracer can be one of the toughest heroes to take out in Overwatch.

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As Irish main tank player Liam ‘Liam‘ O’Donnell shows in a new clip, charge is usually the most reliable way to take out a sitting duck Tracer.

You can also use a combo of his hammer swing/Firestrike, as well as two of Reinhardt’s primary fires in a row, but this gives the tricky time-traveling hero plenty of time to escape.

Instead of just swinging twice at Tracer with Rein’s hammer, like normal, there’s a way to make Rein deal more damage faster with his primary fire.

To pull off what Liam calls the “Double Swing,” players have to start using Reinhardt’s hammer with Tracer to their left. After striking her the first time, you’ll need to keep her at the left edge of your screen, which will make Rein hit her much faster than if she was in the middle of your crosshairs.

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This eliminates Tracer without giving her the chance to blink away, but that’s not all that the technique is good for, not even close.

It can be used basically any time your in a fight to deal bigger chunks of damage to enemies than a regular swing would, increasing the chance you’ll knock them out.

Anyone who’s played Reinhardt for a decent amount of time has probably noticed this mechanic before, but practicing with it to the point where the “Double Swing” is a useable skill is definitely worth doing.

Blizzard Entertainment
Practice the “Double Swing” enough, and you too can rack up those Reinhardt kills like a pro.

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Mastering the technique might not land you a spot on an Overwatch League roster next season, but it will make those squishy DPS heroes this twice before getting up in your face.