Insane Overwatch trick lets Bastion fly on Oasis with Symmetra’s help

Brad Norton
Bastion Symmetra Oasis Overwatch trick

While Bastion might be one of the least mobile heroes in Overwatch, this insane trick has the Omnic DPS soaring through the air with a little help from Symmetra on Oasis.

All eyes might be on Bastion’s fancy new rework in Overwatch 2, but that hasn’t stopped players from continuing to create wild new combos in the original game. 

Although Bastion is typically planted in the ground with his Sentry form, there’s actually a way to get him on the move. This means you can combine lethal damage output with some quirky angles to truly catch your opposition by surprise.

It takes some setting up, and it might not be the practical trick, but here’s how Symmetra can quite literally make Bastion fly on Oasis.

The first thing you’ll need to do is get used to Symmetra’s teleport timing. Heading into a custom game and getting this down-pat is crucial before fumbling in an important match.

Placing one teleporter on the bounce pad in Oasis surprisingly lets heroes access the vertical boost from anywhere on the map. As Overwatch YouTuber McMagicMarv revealed, triggering the teleport effect at just the right moment keeps your hero off the ground.

It’s through this nifty timing that Bastion can reach new heights. Once you’ve got the rhythm locked in, have Symmetra place her secondary teleporter on top of the objective.

With this precise setup, Bastion can be launched into the sky with a clear view towards the opposing team. There’s very little anyone can do to counter a flying turret that appears out of nowhere.

This unique trick lends itself to a few other strategies as well. In fact, Reinhardt can also go through the teleporter at the same time to shield Bastion in the sky.

The possibilities are wide open, and rest assured, players will be using this combo the next time Oasis appears in the rotation. Be on the lookout for Bastion’s up high if you’re not executing this one yourself.