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Idea for Overwatch Arcade mode could help with future updates

Published: 16/Jan/2020 0:33

by Bill Cooney


Members of the Overwatch community have come up with an ingenious idea for a new arcade mode that would earn players loot boxes and potentially help developers balance the game at the same time.

On January 14, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan took to the game’s official forums with a lengthy post that detailed how developers were playing around with a three damage, two support, one tank combination, or “3-2-1.”

Even though Kaplan gave no suggestion that 3-2-1 would ever be coming to Overwatch, his post did inspire some in the game’s community to come up with a means for more players could get involved and give feedback to Blizzard on potential changes.


Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Jeff wrote a lengthy post on the Overwatch forums discussing different role queue types developers were testing out.

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Overwatch Contenders China caster “BiggHungryPhill” suggested that if developers wanted to bring a change like 3-2-1 into the game, they should make it available in a special Arcade mode first for all players, including those on console, to try out.

“I think Devs were just discussing things they’re looking at with 321,” BHP said about Kaplan’s forum post. “But if not, I want to see it brought in as a limited time arcade event so that the whole community, including console players, get a chance to play around with 321 before it is thrust upon us.”


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Overwatch meme lord Bad Pachimari took BHP’s idea a step further with an ‘experimental’ mode for Arcade, which would also allow console players to try changes – which they can’t do on the current PTR that’s only available on PC.

“Devs have said that they don’t get sufficient data for PTR given that people log, check changes, then go off,” Pachimari pointed out.

“Use the arcade. People can earn their boxes whilst trying out a ‘hero ban mode’ or a ‘3 2 1 mode’,” he continued. “And it’ll give the wider playerbase (those that don’t install PTR + Console players) an opportunity to test it – and from that, the Developers can get more sufficient data/statistics.”


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As previously mentioned, Kaplan in no way indicated that 3-2-1 would be coming to Overwatch, but his post does seem to have sparked some very interesting discussion among fans.

3-2-1 may not be a good idea for Overwatch, but an Arcade mode that would let all players (including those on console) try out changes currently on the PTR would be very cool – if it’s even possible to accomplish, at all.