How to unlock Overwatch Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 skins: D.Va, Genji, more

Bill Cooney

The third and final installment of Overwatch’s Anniversary Remix events is here, and we have all the info on what newly recolored — and returning exclusive — skins are available, and how to unlock them for yourself.

For Anniversary Remix Vol. 3, there are a total of nine “new” skins able to be unlocked. They aren’t entirely brand new, with six being recolors of other Legendary skins, and three being exclusive weekly challenge skins brought back for the event.

You can also unlock almost any skin from any event in Overwatch’s past during this event (barring exclusive skins from mini events and weekly challenges. But for this guide we’ll start with the challenge skins, and then get into the recolors.

Week 1 — Tracer’s Comic Challenge

Tracer’s Comic Challenge originally happened in 2020.

The first weekly challenge will give us the chance to unlock Tracer’s Comic skin, which was previously available when the original mini event happened back in 2020.

This was to commemorate the release of Tracer’s comic book “London Calling.” Besides featuring comic art on her arms and legs, it also comes with unique sound effects when you melee, and is definitely one of the DPS’s more unique skins.

To unlock it, players will need to play a total of 27 games from August 9 to 16, with wins counting as 2. In addition you’ll also earn a unique player icon and spray:

  • 9 games: Comic Book Player Icon
  • 18 games: Quote Me spray
  • 27 games: Comic Book Tracer skin (Epic)

Week 2 — Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge

symmetra sits
Symmetra’s Marammat skin was originally introduced in 2020.

Next up for week 2 is Symmetra’s Restoration challenge, a rehash of the same event from 2020, just like Tracer’s.

This event was to commemorate the new lore-filled short story “Stone by Stone” featuring Sym and Zenyatta.

It is definitely worth checking out and reading if you haven’t already, and for Symmetra mains it’s definitely worth picking up the skin and other cosmetics as well. Just like the other weekly challenges, you’ll need to play a total of 27 games from August 16 to 23, with wins counting as two, to collect all the prizes:

  • 9 wins: Marammat player icon
  • 18 wins: Marammat spray
  • 27 wins: Marammat Symmetra skin (Epic)

Week 3 — Hanzo’s Kanezaka Challenge

Hanzo Kyogisha
Hanzo’s Kyogisha Epic skin was introduced with the Kanezaka map in 2021.

Finally, for the last week of the challenge we’ll have the chance to unlock Hanzo’s Kyogisha skin, from the release of the Kanezaka Deathmatch map in 2021.

Interestingly enough, until the Overwatch 2 betas brought us a heap of new maps, Kanezaka was the last official stage to be added to the original Overwatch in January of 2021.

Hanzo’s mini-event was part of the release, and now we have the chance to unlock most of the cosmetics that were offered again by, you guessed it, playing 27 games from August 23 to 30.

  • 9 wins: Pagoda player icon
  • 18 wins: Yokai spray
  • 27 wins: Kyogisha skin

Arctic Ops Baptise — 3000 coins

Arctic Ops is a recolor of Baptiste’s Spec Ops Legendary skin.

First up we have Baptiste’s new Arctic Ops skin, which is a remix of his Legendary Spec Ops skin. As a Legendary it’s available in Anniversary loot boxes, or for 3000 coins if you don’t want to test your luck.

A side note before we continue: this will be the last ever event in Overwatch that will feature loot boxes. Blizzard may choose to continue with seasonal events in Overwatch 2, but there won’t be any more loot boxes.

Varsity D.Va — 3000 coins

Varsity is a remix of D.Va’s Academy skin.

Varsity is the name of this skin Remix, and builds off of one of D.Va’s most popular skins: Academy. It’s basically a color negative version of that skin, save for Hana herself, who is now rocking a black and white uniform with green hair.

As with the other legendary skins, 3000 coins will unlock it right away, or you can try your luck in an anniversary loot box.

Genjiman Genji — 3000 coins

Genjiman is a treat for fans of Ultraman or other Tokusatsu shows.

Genji’s new Genjiman skin is also a recolor, but one that adds a ton of life to an old skin, perhaps moreso than any other for this remix event.

The name is an obvious nod to Ultraman, and the design looks very much like a character from the Super Sentai series — which are the shows that Power Rangers is based on and uses footage from.

This flashy red getup can be yours for 3000 coins, or found in loot boxes. Even if you don’t unlock it, be sure to look at the Dragonblade in the Hero Gallery, trust us: you won’t regret it.

Mechatron Pharah — 3000 coins

Mechatron might actually be one of Pharah’s best looking skins to date.

Pharah’s inclusion in Remix Vol. 3 is based on her Mechaqueen skin, and is called “Mechatron.” Like Genji, this could also be a pop culture reference to Megatron of the Transformers, since both feature purple colorways.

3000 coins will unlock it for you if you don’t want to try your luck in a loot box.

Proteus: 76 Soldier: 76 — 3000 coins

Proteus is sort of a mix between Soldier’s Cyborg: 76 skin and his Golden Epic look.

Proteus: 76 is Soldier’s Remix Vol. 3 skin, and is sort of a mix between two of his past skins. Obviously Cyborg: 76 serves as the base, but the colorway seems to be taken directly from his Epic Golden skin.

Like the rest, 3000 coins will unlock this for you. You’d think Blizzard would give us a break as this is the last event we’ll be able to use coins for, but alas, it’s not meant to be apparently.

Tagged Tracer — 3000

Tagged is based on Tracer’s Graffiti skin, if you couldn’t tell just by looking at it.

Finally, we have Tagged Tracer to round things up. It’s somewhat fitting that the Overwatch covergirl has two skins featured in the last event the original game will ever see.

You know the drill by this point: 3000 coins unlocks this one for you if you don’t want to wait for a loot box.

So that’s it! All of the “new” skins available in Overwatch Anniversary Remix Volume 3. For a full look at the patch notes, you can check out our story right here.