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How to get double Overwatch XP for free on June 4-8

Published: 4/Jun/2021 20:25

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch has announced a huge free double XP weekend will be kicking off on June 4, giving players a huge opportunity to earn more lootboxes, coins and unlock new skins.

Unlocking skins and leveling up in Overwatch is relatively simple. All you have to do is just play the game and reap the rewards. Wins and medals earn you more XP, but even backfilling in a quick play match can get you some.

Now, Overwatch is going to be applying a 2X multiplier to most standard ways of earning XP from June 4-8 and that’s not even the best part.


Queuing with a group already awards you a bit of extra XP, and the double XP bonus will be stacking multiplicatively with it.

Tracer on King's Row
Blizzard Entertainment
Players can earn a lot of XP these next few days.

For all players on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, you will earn double XP in the following categories: time spent in a match, completing a match, completing consecutive matches, winning a match, backfilling, and earning medals.

However, the double XP won’t be applying to first win of the day bonuses, which will stay at 1,500.

How to earn the most XP during double XP weekend

Given how long DPS queue times are, we’d recommend playing in a group of supports or tanks to take advantage of shorter queues and the bonus of playing with friends.


As for what game mode you play, seeing as Competitive matches take longer, you can really soak up the “time spent in a match” XP.

overwatch double xp weekend schedule
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch double XP weekend ends June 9

However, if you want something a little less hectic, then quick play may be your best option, not to mention the possibility for backfilling and completing consecutive matches faster.

See what your team is more comfortable with. Based on your skill set, you could wind up earning more playing competitive than Quick Play. Or, if you must play DPS, giving No Limits or Open Queue could be your best bet.

When does double XP weekend start and end?

Overwatch’s double XP weekend is set to begin at 11 AM PST on June 4 and will last until Wednesday, June 9 at 11 AM PST.


Be sure to log in, find a partner and level up your account. Double XP weekends are quite rare for Overwatch so take advantage of this while you can.