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Bizarre Overwatch glitch sends Baptiste’s Immortality Field through the map

Published: 4/Jun/2021 17:26

by Michael Gwilliam


A new Overwatch glitch has been discovered that can ruin important team fights for Baptiste players with his Immortality Field literally going through maps.

Baptiste’s Immortality Field is arguably the best non-ultimate ability in Overwatch. With the power to save teammates from being eliminated, even from point-blank D.Va bombs, it’s easily one of the best defensive tools the game has to offer.

Making use of Immortality Field, also known as “lamp” by players, at key junctures in a game can be critical to your team’s success, especially given the ability’s long cooldown time.

This all said, a newly discovered glitch can make the ability completely worthless and may even wind up costing teams important fights in the process.


Baptiste uses lamp
Blizzard Entertainment
Immortality Field can save teammates from powerful attacks.

As shown by Twitch streamer SVB, a Baptiste in a VOD he was reviewing had his Immortality Field get tossed out on King’s Row and right away something didn’t look right.

When the lamp was activated, it was on a bizarre downward slant and began to spiral down and down, eventually clipping through the map geometry.

While some of the player’s teammates were getting the benefits of the lamp as it remained on screen, it slowly disappeared and ended up becoming fully activated underneath King’s Row before vanishing shortly thereafter.

“There’s a cogwheel that spins on the end of checkpoint B to lower the little railing that blocks the payload. It landed exactly on the cogwheel and spun itself underground,” SVB explained.


The exact spot where this glitch occurred is actually quite a bit problematic. In the clip, the attackers have already captured Point B, but seeing as the drone fell through the map at a spot where defenders are often still alive, it could be very costly and hurt momentum.

A defending or attacking team gaining the benefits Immortality Field provides in a crucial battle can be the difference between winning and losing, so this is something that Blizzard should definitely investigate.

Until this is fixed, be careful where you throw your frisbee. It may end up in a mean neighbor’s yard and you won’t see it again.