How to get Demon Hunter Sombra skin in Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019

Joe O'Brien. Last updated: Oct 16, 2019
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch fans can finally get their hands on the ‘Demon Hunter’ Sombra skin that was released as part of the BlizzCon virtual ticket in 2018.

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The Demon Hunter skin, which is inspired by the Diablo 3 class of the same name, has been considered by many players one of the best cosmetics in Overwatch, but those that didn’t purchase the 2018 BlizzCon virtual ticket – or simply joined the game too late – have been unable to unlock it.

Fans were briefly teased by the skin becoming available on the Public Test Realm (PTR) back in April, but it was ultimately removed again prior to going live, leaving players still waiting until now to get their hands on it.

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Blizzard had previously stated that the skin would eventually be made available to all players, however, and nearly a year after it was originally released, everyone will have a chance to unlock it during the 2019 Halloween Terror event.

Unlike most event skins, however, which are typically unlocked either through loot boxes or being bought outright with in-game credits, Sombra’s Demon Hunter skin will be unlocked by participating in a challenge.

Rabcat Game Art/Blizzard Entertainment
Demon Hunter Sombra has long been a fan-favorite skin.
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For this year’s Halloween Terror, Blizzard have added weekly challenges much like the one-off, minor events like the Bastet challenge or Reunion Challenge that awarded skins. Each week off the event will offer a different skin, with the Demon Hunter skin on offer in the third week, October 29 to November 4.

During that time, players will have to win nine games of Overwatch in any standard playlist – Competitive, Quick Play, or the Arcade – in order to unlock the skin. After three wins, players will also earn a Demon Hunter player icon, and at six wins a Demon Hunter spray.

Blizzard Entertainment
Junkrat’s Inferno skin can also be unlocked by completing the first week’s challenge.
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Before then, in week one of the event the challenge will offer the Inferno Junkrat skin, week two will offer Vampire Baptiste. Players will also unlock an associated icon and spray on their way to securing each.

Those looking to get their hands on these skins, then, will have to make sure they’re fairly active in Overwatch throughout the event, as anyone who misses out will likely have to wait another year to get their hands on them.