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Overwatch Halloween skin actually makes Ashe harder to play

Published: 16/Oct/2019 11:05 Updated: 16/Oct/2019 12:20

by Joe O'Brien


Overwatch players are complaining that the new Halloween Terror skin for Ashe makes the hero almost unplayable.

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The Halloween Terror event finally went live on October 15, and though it was a week later than many fans anticipated, players can now enjoy this year’s iteration of one of the game’s most popular seasonal events.

One of the major highlights of in-game events is the brand-new skins that come with them, and that’s especially true of Halloween Terror, which has previously produced some of the most popular cosmetics in the game.

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Unfortunately, fans have identified an issue with the new ‘Warlock’ Legendary skin for Ashe that affects player’s ability to use the champion.


Blizzard EntertainmentAshe’s new Warlock skin.

The skin is inspired by the Warlock class in World of Warcraft, with Ashe sporting characteristic demonic horns, while B.O.B. is transformed into an Infernal, one of the most powerful minions a Warlock can summon.

Unfortunately, the version of her Viper rifle that comes with the skin features an updated sight that is significantly harder to use than the default weapon, due to it significantly obscuring the area that Ashe is aiming at, as u/DanyDidNothingWrong demonstrates.

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u/DanyDidNothingWrongAshe’s sights with her Warlock skin.

Ashe is one of the only heroes in the game that can aim down the sights of her weapon, and that mechanic is crucial to how she is played, as whether or not she’s doing so changes how the rifle handles.


When aiming down the sights, the Viper is more precise and deals more damage, so being able to aim it properly is crucial to success with Ashe. By comparison, the default sight is significantly clearer to aim with.

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u/DanyDidNothingWrongAshe’s default sight.

This isn’t the first time that players have encountered issues with cosmetics affecting gameplay. Most recently, players criticized the new LEGO Bastion skin for the increased muzzle flash obscuring vision when firing.

Blizzard have yet to respond to those complaints, and it remains to be seen whether this new Ashe skin may be adjusted to make the sight easier to use.