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First look at all the new Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019 skins

Published: 15/Oct/2019 18:24 Updated: 16/Oct/2019 10:30

by Bill Cooney


Players and fans wait for Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event each year and 2019 doesn’t disappoint, with 8 new skins and a ton of cosmetics for players to collect.

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Some Overwatch fans have been waiting all year for the new Halloween skins to drop and Blizzard finally delivered the goods on October 15.

Along with the Halloween event, Overwatch also received a massive patch from the PTR and had servers for the Nintendo Switch release go live.

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Let’s see those spooky new skins

There are eight new skins for Halloween Terror 2019, and a highly-requested Sombra skin returning, which are all listed below:


Vampire Baptiste – Challenge skin

Blizzard EntertainmentBaptiste is now a creature of the night.

Baptiste is going with a Vampire costume this Halloween, and he pulls off the undead bloodsucking look quite well.

The healer’s armor has been turned dark, his eyes red (and creepy) make him a great addition to the Halloween Terror lineup of skins.

Inferno Junkrat – Challenge skin

Blizzard EntertainmentJunkrat has become the explosion.

It seems Junkrat may have gotten a little to close to his own RIP-Tire and somehow become one with the resulting explosion.

Inferno Junkrat has glowing yellow and red areas that really look like fire coming out of some embers and should stand out on all of the spooky night map reskins.

Gorgon Lucio – 750

Blizzard EntertainmentWhatever you do, don’t look this Lucio in the eyes.

We weren’t expecting Lucio to dress up as a snake-haired monster from Greek mythology, but it’s a pleasant surprise for a skin.


The glowing effects should make this skin look awesome as you wallride around looking for those delicious boops and we really hope his snakes dance along to his music.

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Will-O-Wisp Tracer – 3000

Blizzard EntertainmentForget Casper, Tracer is the only friendly ghost for us.

Tracer has been turned into a ghost for the Will-O-Wisp skin, she seems to be a friendly spirit, compared to other ghost skins like Moira’s Banshee.

Her chronal accelerator has been transformed into a cursed jack-o-lantern, possibly working to keep her in the physical realm for matches.

Warlock Ashe – 3000

Blizzard EntertainmentYeah Warlock Ashe is cool and all, but check out her minion B.O.B.

Warlock Ashe looks like she would fit right in with the Burning Blade in World of Warcraft and no demonic summoner would be complete without a loyal servant, played here by B.O.B.


Ashe’s butler/ultimate is definitely the best part about this skin and should look even more terrifying charging across the map as a burning elemental.

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Scorpion Widowmaker – 3000

Blizzard EntertainmentIn case you were wondering, Widowmaker is definitely seems to be a Scorpio.

Scorpions are similar to spiders, in the sense that you probably feel the same dread when one pops up, which makes it a very appropriate look for Widowmaker.

Her hair has been turned into the animal’s tail along with a nasty-looking stinger at the end, but it probably still hurts less than getting one-shotted by Widow in-game.

Pharaoh Ana – 3000

Blizzard EntertainmentAna loves her Halloween costumes, and this year is no exception.

We know Ana is listed as one of the oldest characters in Overwatch – age-wise at least – but her latest Halloween skin takes it to a whole other level.


Ana must really love Halloween because the bandage covered Pharaoh is the third skin she’s received for the event since 2016 (D.Va still has none, for some reason). 

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Demon Orisa – 3000

Blizzard EntertainmentDemon Orisa will provide plenty of protection to your team while she devours your souls.

Orisa mains will be pumped about this awesome skin, which transforms the hero into a demon that looks like it’s straight out of the Diablo franchise.

Sparing no expense, Overwatch also gave the demon treatment to her Supercharger, making Orisa one of the most helpful demons in history.

Demon Hunter Sombra – Challenge skin

Blizzard EntertainmentOne of the most asked-for Sombra skins has finally become available to everyone.

Demon Hunter Sombra has been one of the most talked-about skins since it was released to BlizzCon Digital Ticket holders in 2018.


Now the skin has finally arrived and players can unlock it by completing the third of three weekly mini-challenges during the event by winning nine games.