Female Overwatch 2 player banned after harassing female DPS on stream

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ashe smiling in overwatch 2

An Overwatch 2 player was banned after telling another female player to “stick to Mercy” and blaming a loss on their DPS performance while on stream.

Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch 2 can be a pretty heated game. The shooter drops two teams of five players against one another to see who the better squad is. As such, things can get pretty intense from time to time, especially when relying on your teammates to deal damage and heal one another other.

This is even more prevalent in ranked, where more than just winning and losing is on the line. Players can get tilted, rage, and even flame one another for their mistakes, making for a toxic environment in which not everyone likes to engage with.

Women and feminine presenting individuals also tend to have an incredibly difficult time playing competitively, as they are often the targets of harassment from other players. This is exactly what happened to one player, who ended up being flamed and abused by another female player.

Overwatch 2 streamer harassed by female player for playing DPS

Twitch streamer erinfps was playing ranked in Overwatch 2 on Route 66. The content creator was losing their match, which of course caused a bit of anger from another player on their team. The player lashed out at Erin, claiming that they were the reason they had lost the game.

“No wonder we’re losing we have a f**king woman on DPS.” the player commented.

Shocked, the rest of the team responded with surprise, with the toxic player stating that Erin should “stick to playing Mercy.”

Erin’s teammate spoke up for them, saying they believe Erin did a great job on DPS, with the streamer calling the toxic teammate’s actions wild. Despite this, they continued on their rant about Erin.

“Uh cause you suck b****, if you were actually good at your role then I wouldn’t have. You’re the reason why we lost. Stick to f**king healer b*****.”

With the toxicity documented live on stream, Erin was able to report the player and happily announced that Blizzard had taken action against them.