Hilarious Overwatch glitch sends D.Va flying to totally different map

Brad Norton
Overwatch D.VaBlizzard

D.Va mains will need to keep their fingers crossed moving forward as a hilarious glitch is sending the Overwatch Off-Tank flying to different maps.

D.Va drops into every game with a special power that no other hero can quite match. She has two separate instances. One inside her MEKA with a massive pool of health and high mobility. Alongside her de-meched form with a surprisingly lethal Light Gun but an extremely small health bar.

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When the first batch of health is wiped away as enemies deal damage to the projectile-eating Tank, D.Va is launched out of her powerful combat suit. This transition often leaves her stranded until an Ultimate can be charged and another mech can be called in. 

While players have a slight element of control over when and where D.Va emerges from the mech, a hilarious glitch is putting a major spanner in the works. There’s now a completely random chance that a bug sends you flying to a whole new map without warning.

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Overwatch IliosBlizzard
While this unlucky D.Va was battling on the Lighthouse stage, they were quickly shot to the Ruins instead.

In the midst of a second-round on Ilios, Reddit user ‘dasrabcf’ was left shocked by the hilarious D.Va issue. There’s mech was taken out of commission halfway through the round but instead of emerging and landing straight on the ground, they were shot sky-high.

Without any travel time, D.Va was launched from the regular play-space all the way to the ceiling in a single frame. From here they could see the cruise ship out in the distance while they plummeted back down to familiar territory.

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However, upon crash landing, they soon realized that they had been teleported elsewhere in the map. As with all Control maps in Overwatch, Ilios loads three unique stages at the beginning of the match. Lighthouse, Well, and Ruins all exist within the one full map, though players can only access one at a time; unless you happen to be extremely unlucky and encounter this bug for yourself.

With plenty of the round still left to play out, they were stuck at a different section of the map with absolutely nothing to do. There were no enemies or teammates around and invisible textures seemed to keep them from hitting the floor. They were left stranded without any way of getting back in the fight.

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Blizzard hasn’t yet addressed this particular issue, though it’s not the first time players have been isolated on Control maps. An earlier glitch forgot to load Mei in with the rest of her team on Lijiang Tower, leaving the damage dealer to stroll around an empty stage for the first round.

It appears completely random for the time being but these issues only impact Control maps. It might be worth favoring the Sigma or Zarya picks the next time they appear in rotation.

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