Weird Overwatch glitch puts teammates in the wrong spawn room on Lijiang

Brad Norton

Entering the first team fight on Control Center in Lijiang Tower, this Overwatch team was left helpless as one of their players spawned in a completely different location.

Six vs six is the standard throughout competitive Overwatch. While certain game modes mix up the formula and change the total player count, six players to a team has been the norm since Overwatch was released in 2016.

Caught entirely off guard as they entered a team fight on Lijiang Tower, this unfortunate lineup was stunned as one of their players spawned in the wrong location without warning.

Lijiang Tower Overwatch
Just like each Control map in Overwatch, Lijiang Tower features three unique stages.

It’s a little known secret that all phases of each Control map are set in close proximity of one another. This allows for rapid transitions to the next stage between each round, rather than having to sit through lengthy loading screens that halt the momentum of a match.

Having just dropped the first round in a January 26 game, it was time for the action to head to the Control Center on Lijiang Tower. Crashing around the spawn room as per usual, it wasn’t until moments later that the team realized they were down a player.

Looking back over the map in the replay, it dawned upon them that one of their DPS players had spawned in on the Night Market section of the map instead. All alone in a spawn room of her own, Mei had nowhere to go as the doors failed to open at the beginning of the round.

Shedding light on how the situation came to be in the first place, the player outlined how they “had a leaver after the first round.” A new player joined in shortly after, “glitched and stayed on the first map.”

Lacking a player obviously comes with a litany of downsides. Fortunately, it was only a Quick Play match and not a game on the competitive ladder, yet one team was still left to fend for themselves with only five heroes in which to do so.

That means one less ultimate, and only half the potential output coming from your DPS characters. 

Overwatch Mei and D.Va in combat
If only Mei had D.Va’s Boosters and was able to fly back up to her team.

Perhaps leaving and joining back in could have resolved the issue, or maybe it would have just spawned them back in on another section without their team. There’s no quite telling.

Amusingly, this glitch happened to occur on Lijiang Tower, simply adding to the list of amusing bugs for Mei on that particular map of late.

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