Blizzard is experimenting with customizable hero skins for Overwatch 2

Published: 28/Aug/2020 7:08

by Brad Norton


Blizzard could be overhauling the cosmetic system in Overwatch 2 as a newly leaked survey has revealed the developers are considering customizable skins in the upcoming release.

Since the reveal of Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon in November 2019, the developers have been all but silent. While we have a rough idea of every map in the works, and a few guesses on who the new heroes could be, fans have been kept in the dark ever since the unveiling.

As the developers continue their work in secrecy, very little information has come to light. However, a newly leaked survey from Germany appears to give us our first fresh intel in many months.

From all-new gameplay systems to familiar cosmetics, the questionnaire covered many bases. Though perhaps the most intriguing aspect is that the leak touched on the idea of fully customizable skins on Overwatch 2. 

The German survey outlines the topic of ‘Customizable Legendary Skins’ in the sequel to the popular hero shooter. This indicates that players have far more control over the appearance of their favorite characters moving forward. But just how deep will the customization go?

Translating the German text reveals a few key tidbits. According to the leak, there could be “special types of Legendary Skins” in Overwatch 2. Skins that “the player can adapt to their preference.” Through “color combinations, outfit variants,” and more. This might hint at a more engaging cosmetic system in the upcoming release. As players could soon be changing the look and feel of certain Legendary costumes.

Blizzard is yet to confirm the inclusion of Legendary Skins in Overwatch 2, so be sure to take this information with a grain of salt. Though it’s clear with this survey, the developers are interested in ramping up the cosmetic offerings in the sequel.

On top of these custom items, the survey also touched on the idea of XP Boosts, Legendary Skin Packs, and more. Experience boosts could help players unlock desired items quicker than ever. Meanwhile, a strictly Legendary bundle could provide a greater chance at obtaining the exact skin you’re after.

Overwatch 2 Genji skin
We already know that heroes will be getting a makeover in Overwatch 2, but now we might have more control over their look than ever before.

While this is just words in a survey for now, it shows that Blizzard is open experimenting on these ideas. Perhaps many, if not all, are in-game already and set to launch alongside Overwatch 2. Only time will tell as the developers lift the lid on more details in the future.

There’s no just how far out we are from the upcoming release. But if you’re eager for any scrap of information while we wait, be sure to catch up on everything we know about Overwatch 2 so far.


Blizzard changes Overwatch Priority Pass again to stop system abuse

Published: 16/Jan/2021 2:04

by Andrew Amos


Blizzard has implemented more changes to their Overwatch Priority Pass program to stop players from abusing the system to get their preferred role more often.

The Priority Pass system in Overwatch has been a successful addition so far. Giving players the option to jump the queue for high-traffic roles by sacrificing a few games has helped tackle the game’s long queue times.

However, it hasn’t been without its flaws. Game quality has been pulled into question, with people playing off-role for these passes. Also, people have been abusing the current system to just stack passes quickly by intentionally losing.

The Priority Pass system in Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Priority Passes have been a hit with Overwatch players, but it’s not perfect.

Blizzard are looking to crack down on the latter issue with their latest changes to Priority Pass on January 15.

“Our data indicates that the Priority Pass is functioning as intended, generally providing shorter queue times for those who use them. The goal of the Priority Pass is to improve player experience and get players into matches quicker,” community manager Josh Nash told players.

“In the same vein, we don’t want this feature to have a negative impact on the quality of matches for yourself or others. We want to do our part to discourage players from intentionally losing and ruining matches for the sake of earning priority passes.”

If you lose a match while playing for passes, you’ll only gain one pass instead of two. This will stop players from just inting their games for the ticket.

Blizzard are also refunding passes to players if they queued up for a role using Priority Pass, but then had to wait longer than the estimated time for it.

Oni Genji Overwatch skin
These changes mean you won’t burn through your passes as quickly.

These changes are active immediately, so you can make use of them straight away. Blizzard are continuing to tweak the system as time goes on, and are “ looking into how we can better communicate when you are rewarded passes after playing a match.”