Overwatch fans really want Mei’s Death Knight HOTS skin for Halloween

Mei Death Knight skin in OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment

Many Overwatch fans were stunned with the recent reveal of several new Mei skins in Heroes of the Storm, leading them to voice their desire to see Death Knight Mei in their own game in time for Halloween.

On August 31, a new Heroes of the Storm patch went live – and with it came some extremely cool Mei skins with Necrotopologist variants, including Frostbitten and Devilish.

The skins are part of a new event called CraftWars, which give StarCraft and WarCraft skins to other Blizzard heroes within the MOBA game.

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Mei’s skins are basically inspired by WarCraft’s Lich King and Death Knights, which fit a meta joke among Overwatch fans that Mei is secretly evil, given her annoying kit.

Over on Reddit, fans were extremely impressed with the skin, calling on Blizzard to add the outfit to Overwatch – the game Mei is originally from.

“Can this come to [Overwatch]?” a top-voted comment by ElementalEffigy read.

“Maybe for next Halloween event?” suggested dm_junk, referencing Overwatch’s iconic event where heroes dress up in amazing costumes.

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The skin itself would fit the Halloween event and would be worthy of a Legendary classification. Overwatch itself already has some crossover skins with other Blizzard titles, including Sarah Kerrigan Widowmaker, Butcher Roadhog, Immortal Orisa and more.

Other users felt stunned and wondered why HOTS was getting more impressive skins than Overwatch.

“Why in the hell does HOTS get better skins than Overwatch?” Nomadic_View asked to the tune of over 100 upvotes.

Mei at Climate HQBlizzard Entertainment
Fans have been wanting a good Mei skin for awhile.

One user suggested that the issue may come down to hitbox sizes. “The problem is probably hitboxes. I’m guessing Hot Storm doesn’t have to worry about collisions as much as Overwatch does being a FPS,” guessed BurnerAhoy.

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Nonetheless, fans waiting for a killer Mei skin in Overwatch may have to wait or change games completely to get their wish. Only time will tell if the Great Pumpkin blesses them with the Death Knight Mei skin in time for Halloween.