High-risk Overwatch trick is giving brave Wrecking Ball players easy kills

Brad Norton
Wrecking Ball swings in

Wrecking Ball mains are still finding creative new tricks in Overwatch and this extremely risky play on Rialto might be one of the most effective to date.

Although Overwatch hasn’t received any fresh content in quite a while, players are still finding new ways to have fun with the hero shooter. One of those ways is by figuring out next-level plays.

From leaving the spawn with style to combining abilities for devastating team wipes, the community is always uncovering new tricks. Now, it’s Wrecking Ball’s time in the spotlight as one new discovery has captivated the player base.

If you happen to be loading in on Rialto as the mobile Tank hero, there’s a way you can wipe out entire teams without leaving them any chance to react.

Wrecking Ball in Overwatch
There’s no real way to counter this sneaky Wrecking Ball play on Rialto.

While cruising near the enemy spawn while playing on defense, a player by the name of ‘BoostedKrieg’ made one of the riskiest plays imaginable.

Grappling over to the infamous bridge without barriers, they had the entire enemy team in their path. In the blink of an eye, they were able to guide Wrecking Ball through the crowd and safely emerge without falling off the map.

With a well-timed strike and an even more precise jump, the player cleared enough distance to survive. Though in order to do so, they had to activate Piledriver in midair.

This gave them just enough height to make it onto a nearby ledge. Without this ability, Wrecking Ball would have been wiped out alongside Mei and Ana.

It’s a high-risk, high-reward play. On one hand, it could easily catch enemies by surprise and give your squad a quick teamfight win. On the other hand, it might just cost your own life as well.

If you’re not careful, Wrecking Ball could just as easily fall into oblivion here too. But there’s no denying it’s a flashy trick and an extremely effective play if you can master it.

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