Dunkey mocks Overwatch 2 multiplayer as a “minor patch”

Dunkey Overwatch 2 WinstonDunkey (H3 Podcast)

Popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer Jason ‘videogamedunkey’ Yevgeniy Gastrow has criticized Overwatch 2’s multiplayer, explaining how the new title is nothing more than a “minor patch”. 

The reception around Overwatch 2 has been mixed, with both pro players and existing fans expressing their love and concerns for the new changes. While the PvE mode has yet to be revealed, the game’s multiplayer beta has been in full swing. 

This has enabled players to delve into the new character reworks and new Push game mode. However, popular YouTuber Dunkey believes Overwatch 2 has provided very few changes that actually improve the title’s existing experience. 

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Dunkey on Overwatch 2 changes

Sojourn Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment
Dunkey wasn’t impressed with the Overwatch 2 multiplayer beta.

During his recent video, Dunkey outlined his experiences with the Overwatch 2 beta, giving a particularly damning review of the game. “Without PvE, [Overwatch 2] a minor patch to an abandoned game, masquerading as a sequel for marketing purposes. Overwatch 2’s multiplayer is as lazy as it gets.” 

While the streamer wasn’t impressed with the game’s multiplayer, he did express interest in the co-op mode, which for many, is one of the main selling points of Overwatch 2. It’s here where players will be able to duke it out against AI opponents and delve deeper into Overwatch’s lore – an area that is often a huge talking point in the community.

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“For the sake of the fans, I hope that 99% of the development team has been focused on the co-op,” said the streamer. “Because I don’t know what they’ve been doing for more than two years with the PvP.” 

The streamer’s main gripe with Overwatch 2 was that none of the core issues from the original had been addressed. Dunkey notes how the new switch to 5v5 has made the game “even more steamroll heavy,” with games often devolving into incredibly one-sided affairs where one team completely dominates the other.  

He also noted how Overwatch 2 still expects an unrealistic amount of teamwork from random players, which proves incredibly frustrating in competitive play. Whether Blizzard will address any of the community’s grievances remains to be seen, but for now, Overwatch 2 continues to be incredibly divisive. 

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