Overwatch 2 beta players encounter bizarre “bald” hero bug

Bill Cooney

Players taking part in the Overwatch 2 PvP beta have encountered one of the strangest bugs we’ve ever seen from the game: one that makes almost every hero completely bald.

The Overwatch 2 PvP beta is in full swing with a laundry list of gameplay changes, new maps, and a new hero to try out. In addition to these, players have also encountered something a little more bizarre as well.

No, we’re not talking about the massive new King’s Row PvE area that was uncovered during the beta. Instead, there seems to be a bizarre yet hilarious new bug that makes heroes completely bald.

Overwatch 2 bug makes heroes bald

An image of the bug was posted to the Competitive Overwatch subreddit by user jee659. In it, Sojourn is posing like normal on the beta’s main menu, however, her hair is completely gone.


The baldness is so smooth on Sojourn, it almost seems intentional. But she isn’t the only hero it happens to, according to Jee659 basically every hero except Baptiste and Lucio seem to be affected.

In the comments of the original post, Jee provided a link to an album of all the bald heroes, where it’s clear this is an unintended graphical error.

Some heroes like Torbjorn and Brigitte are missing the top of their heads completely, while others like Sombra and Symmetra join Sojourn in looking like they signed up for a buzz cut group package.

Sombra literally looks like she got a buzz cut with this bug.

What we don’t know is what exactly causes this glitch, whether it’s on Overwatch’s end, or the users. With completely revamped graphics, the Overwatch 2 beta could be more demanding on PCs than the original is.

It’s unknown if any other players are encountering this bizarre glitch either, but one thing is for sure: it’s one of the most hilarious bugs we’ve seen in Overwatch in a very long time.

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