Dr Disrespect blames Overwatch 2’s “algorithm” after being placed in Bronze

Michael Gwilliam
dr disrespect places bronze in overwatch 2

Legendary streamer Dr Disrespect was left flabbergasted after completing his Overwatch 2 placements matches and ending up in the lonely depths of Bronze.

Dr Disrespect is one of the most formidable gamers on the planet with his God-like sniping ability that has terrorized the likes of PUBG, Warzone, and other titles, but the two-time was having a rough go in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 has changed up how ranked works, opting for a tiered scale over a flat SR number. The system only gives players an update on their rank after they’ve either won 7 matches or lost 20.

So far, many players have had issues with Overwatch 2’s matchmaking and ranked format and Dr Disrespect is no exception with the Sojourn player blasting Blizzard after ending up in Bronze 4.

ow2 ranked format
Overwatch 2 ranks will only update after 7 wins or 20 losses.

Dr Disrespect finishes OW2 placements in “gutter trash” Bronze

After winning his seventh match, the two-time anxiously awaited his Overwatch 2 rank and had to keep it together after seeing Bronze 4 pop up on his screen.

Bronze 4 is very close to the lowest possible rank Overwatch 2 has to offer, with Bronze 5 being the absolute worst and the two-time began blaming Blizzard for putting him in that position.

“Like someone said, if you don’t play the game or it’s your first time playing, whatever, they’re going to throw you deep into Bronze, so that’s all that is, Champs,” he said, trying to remain optimistic.

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As he queued up again, however, Doc let some frustration out, promising the Champions Club that he’d show them why he doesn’t belong in this “gutter trash rat league.”

“It’s an algorithm in the game design that puts me this low,” the YouTuber blasted. “It doesn’t matter how well you do in that, if you’re a first-time competitor of a role-specific rank list, that’s what they throw me in.”

Dr Disrespect isn’t the first player to express issues with the game’s new ranked system and he likely won’t be the last. Hopefully, with all these complaints levied at Blizzard they can revamp ranked yet again in time for Season 2, just like they did with the original game back when it first related.

Until then, however, Doc will need to bring all the violence, speed, and momentum he has to climb the ladder and escape ELO hell.