Overwatch 2’s “trash” ranked system is matching Bronze players with Grand Masters

Michael Gwilliam
overwatch 2 ranked matchmaking problem

Overwatch 2 players are demanding the return of OW1’s ranking system with the new competitive mode placing low-ranked Bronze players in lobbies with Grand Master gurus.

Competitive received a major overhaul in Overwatch 2, removing SR numbers and instead implementing a tier-based format similar to games like League of Legends, but there are some major issues players have.

With this new ranked format, one’s SR tier is only updated after either 7 wins or 20 losses/ties, meaning that progress is incredibly hard to track.

Not only that, but gamers have experienced a multitude of problems with matchmaking as inexperienced n00bs have been put in games against top players.

Overwatch 2 players want OW1’s ranked system to return

Across the web, players have been complaining about the game’s ranked play and want something to be done about it.

Canadian pro player William ‘Crimzo’ Hernandez called the format “trash” and said that Overwatch 1’s system “100% better.”

“I’m sorry but this new ranked system for Overwatch 2 is absolute trash. Having everything hidden from you and the fact that the matchmaking is horrendous to the point where I’m rank 12 in top500 and getting a Diamond 3 DPS player?” he moaned.

Twitch streamer NyanSox echoed these statements with a laundry list of problems with OW2’s ranked play, saying there was no incentive to grind and reiterated the issues with low-ELO players showing up in their matches.

Another player even posted a photo of a bronze Junkrat main getting into a GM lobby and wondered how this had even happened.


Streamer Gale Adelade joined in on the growing backlash, saying there was “zero satisfaction in your rank now.”

Of course, when the first Overwatch launched, its ranked play had a completely different system too, so it’s always possible that Blizzard decides to revamp it once again for Season 2.

It’s still early days for OW2, so we’ll have to wait and see if the developers have any plans to change things up and address these issues in the months ahead.

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