Top ranked Overwatch players are placing Platinium in OW2’s new Competitive mode

new overwatch 2 ranked systemBlizzard Entertainment

Players lucky enough to access Overwatch 2 and try out the game’s revamped Competitive mode are finding themselves placing much lower than they were used to in the first game.

Overwatch 2 has changed up how ranked play works, doing away with SR numbers and instead implementing a series of skill tiers associated with each standard rank, such as Masters 1 and Gold 3.

Despite DDoS attacks ruining the game’s launch, some players were able to get through and queue up for some Overwatch 2 ranked play.

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However, some are wishing they weren’t too eager to experience the new ladder environment after seeing what rank they were placed at.

Overwatch players place way lower in OW2

All over Twitter, seasoned Overwatch players and streamers posted about how, after completing their placement requirements, they found themselves on the lower end of ranked play.

Unlike the first game, which had players complete ten matches before they received their rank, Overwatch 2 only shows a rank after either 7 wins or 20 losses/ties.

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‘GetQuaked on,’ a Doomfist specialist, revealed he placed in Platinum 2 on DPS and Gold 2 on tank.

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Twitch streamer ‘NyanSox’ went 7-0 in placement matches, but somehow found herself in Diamond 2.

Even more baffling, ‘Kabaji,’ one of the top DPS streamers, also placed Platinum 2 much to his confusion.

On Reddit, other players shared their results, with some revealing that they too placed much lower than they expected, with a Gold gamer even claiming they ended up in Bronze.

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Some, however, are welcoming the changes. “Guys, we all complained about wanting an MMR reset. They gave us a soft one,” Overwatch content creator SVB said.

“The nature of wanting those ‘boosted players’ to drop lower is that you have to earn your climb back as well.”

It will be fun to see how Overwatch 2’s ranked play grows as new metas take shape, but for the time being with server issues, even those eager to jump into the new ranked system might want to wait a bit for these problems to be resolved.

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