Down bad Overwatch 2 fans are convinced Blizzard changed Tracer’s booty

Michael Gwilliam
Tracer in OW2

Overwatch 2 has yet again found itself in controversy, this time with players claiming that Tracer’s booty was altered for the sequel.

There have been quite a few major changes in Overwatch’s lifespan with maps and even heroes being tweaked in the wake of controversy.

Notably, Jesse McCree had his name changed to Cole Cassidy following revelations in Blizzard’s sexual harassment lawsuit, references to developers have been removed and a ‘Z’ on Zarya skins was recently censored following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Now, players think that Blizzard has censored Tracer’s bum in Overwatch 2, but it could all very well just be a Mandela effect.

Players claim Blizzard censored Tracer in Overwatch 2

On April 30, a tweet by user Vultur3d “reviewing” Overwatch 2 went viral where the player seemed to take issue with the size of Tracer’s butt.

This resulted in many users thinking that Tracer had been changed, and accused the game developers of “censorship.”

“Getting rid of Tracer’s ass won’t make us forget the sexual abuse allegations, Blizzard,” one wrote.

“This is the wrong kind of censorship. Having a butt isn’t sexual, and for the most part Tracer’s design isn’t sexualized,” another said.

“What happened to her butt?” questioned yet another player.

However, others noted how Tracer looks very similar to how she did in the first game and that there weren’t any changes aside from her revamped appearance graphically.

“Tracer has always had a small butt, I don’t know how the internet only noticed it now,” YouTuber Melonie Mac wrote. “I get the issue of taking curves away from female characters, but she never had them to begin with so I don’t see the issue.”

In the comments, Mac pointed out how Blizzard did actually change Tracer at one point, but it was in the form of a victory pose back during the beta for the first Overwatch game. It was altered after complaints of sexualization.

So far, Blizzard hasn’t addressed the controversy, but given the whole issue seems to be a misunderstanding, it’s unclear if they even plan to.