Overwatch 2 players confused by Junkertown changes: ‘Do the devs even play the game?’

Shane Black
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The Overwatch 2 community is not thrilled after the announcement of some significant changes coming to the Junkertown map.

Overwatch 2 sees a lot of changes as different seasons come and go, and sometimes those changes can have a big effect.

For instance, a character may receive a completely new ability to replace an old one, or in the case of Junkertown, see the layout and design overhauled entirely.

Now, the Overwatch 2 community is questioning the devs’ knowledge of their own game because of these big changes, and more importantly, their reasoning for them.

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Overwatch 2 players unhappy with Junkertown changes

The changes coming to Overwatch 2 as part of the upcoming Season 9 were released today, and they include a rework of Junkertown in an effort to stop certain Heroes from being too powerful in one section of the map.

“The first section of the map (the area by the first checkpoint) is quite open. It can be tough for the offensive team to push the cart through here if the defending team has a Widow or Pharah.”

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Now, while that may sound like a change for the better, but the reaction of the community seems to indicate that not being the case, at least in their eyes.

As one user on X says: “Ah yes, the omnipresent Pharah on Junkertown???? Do the devs even play their own game?”

Pharah being mentioned as an OP character on Junkertown is the main issue that the Overwatch 2 community appears to be dealing with, as one user says:

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“Widow sure, but weird that I can’t remember a single time in last few months someone actually played Pharah on Junkertown. Also, wouldn’t the cover help her??”

Pharah, herself, is getting some reworks in this new season to bring more balance to the character, indicating the devs might view her as an OP Hero at this point.

Whether or not that’s true, it’s clear that the Overwatch 2 community is a little suspicious of their decision, and the reasoning behind it.

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