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Doomfist rollout in Overwatch flattens enemies on Dorado

Published: 22/Dec/2020 15:36

by Lauren Bergin


An Overwatch player has discovered this insane rollout for Doomfist that destroys the enemy team on Dorado.

Overwatch’s Mexican inspired map Dorado has to be one of the game’s most difficult. With back alleys providing easy flanks and the copious rooftops offering players easy access to the high ground, Dorado is a DPS player’s heaven.

This is especially true for Doomfist players. While some reddit users have found a way to combat the Nigerian villain’s pesky ultimate, Dorado presents a whole host of opportunities to utilize his aggressive combat style to dominate once more.

Enter this DPS player’s insane Doomfist rollout which will leave the enemy team needing a lot of healing, if not a Mercy Resurrect…


Doomfist, Reaper and Widowmaker
Doomfist is one of Talon’s most terrifying agents, and this Dorado rollout makes him even scarier.

Doomfist rollout on Dorado destroys enemies

Reddit user gontilordofmtg has exposed a cool new spot for Doomfist mains to wreak havoc from on Dorado from the rooftops.

The player is first seen Rocket Punching an enemy to their demise on one of the balconies lining the costal houses. From here, they’re in prime position to watch the payload pass through checkpoint A.

Using the Rising Uppercut to jump onto the top of the yellow building to the right hand side, gontilordofmtg then uses the Rocket Punch once again to weave around the building’s roof, landing slap bang in the middle of the enemy team with a decimating Seismic Slam.


What’s important to note here is that Doomfist’s Seismic Slam’s damage increases with the amount of time that he’s airborne, making his eventual impact here do insane damage as he’s been in the air since ascending the building.

My new completely impractical doomfist rollout from r/Overwatch

Despite claiming that it’s “impractical,” this rollout is insanely useful. This section of Dorado often sees attackers and defenders skirmish it out on the flat area of land connecting the area with the statue to the adjacent house. By utilizing the high ground as the infamous Talon Agent, DPS players can literally change the tide of the fight.


It’s a complex chain to perform correctly, but in the end the results are clearly worth it. Jump into Dorado and have a few tries at this first, then you’ll be able to execute it as smooth as you like. From there, Dorado is yours for the taking!