Devs hint at scoreboards, advanced stats on their way for Overwatch 2

Andrew Amos

Among the hype around the recent Developer Update for Overwatch adding a PTR-esque experimental mode and hero pools, the devs have also let the community in on some long-awaited features possibly on the way for Overwatch 2.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Overwatch 2, and with good reason. The big update is set to shake up how Blizzard’s hallmark FPS game looks and plays.

Although they’ve remained pretty tight-lipped about some of the bigger changes, after January 30’s Developer Update, the developers have hinted at some long-awaited features finally being implemented.

Scoreboards and advanced, meaningful stats could be on their way for Overwatch 2, which has no set release date after being announced at BlizzCon.

The current Overwatch scoreboard and stats system is very stripped back. In regular quick play, stats like eliminations, deaths, and damage dealt are only available for yourself and not anyone else.

However, Blizzard is looking at ways to allow players to look at these stats for everyone at a quick glance in Overwatch 2. Jeff Kaplan hinted at this on the forums, saying that scoreboards are “in the discussion” for the expansion.

Overwatch medals scoreboard
Overwatch’s current medal system for scoreboards has been criticized for not being an accurate reflection of stats in-game.

Better stats will also be tied into the new replay system. Players will be able to see snapshots of how they performed in each game when they go to look back on their replays, rather than just map score, if the developers can get the feature up in time for Overwatch 2’s release.

“We want this too, [but] it’s more likely for OW2 at this point,” Kaplan conceded when talking about the stats update being shipped in the coming months.

It comes after much speculation about what will be included in Overwatch 2. While fans could play a demo of the campaign mode at BlizzCon 2019 and see teasers of the graphics update, very little is known about the expansion.

Overwatch Replay System menu
Players will be able to see more stats in the replay menu come Overwatch 2.

Sojourn has been confirmed as the first new character to join the roster in Overwatch 2, with Junker Queen and Echo teased as being the next in line after her.

A new talent system will also be introduced for the campaign mode, powering up everyone’s favorite heroes even further as they look to hold back the Omnic’s advance on Earth.

The campaign won’t be the only game mode added to Overwatch 2 though. More competitive modes are on the way after ‘Push’ broke new ground as being the first new PvP ranked game mode since the game’s release.

There’s no set date for Overwatch 2 yet, although leaks have hinted at a release late in 2020. Blizzard are taking their time to make sure everything is working as intended, as well as jamming in as many features as they possibly can.

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