Cheeky Junkrat emote play is perfect for wiping out Overwatch enemies

Lauren Bergin
overwatch junkrat
Blizzard Entertainment

There’s a thousand ways to win Overwatch matches as Junkrat, but these cheeky airborne emote plays have to be some of the best yet. 

Despite his insanity and quirky sense of humor, Overwatch’s resident Australian Junkrat can be a difficult hero to master. With tricks that let him soar into the air with super jumps, the explosive expert is barely able to keep his feet on the ground.

One of the best ways to truly tilt your enemies as Junkrat, though, is by using his ‘lounging’ emote to your advantage. Perfect for hiding in bushes or on the back of the payload, it’s become one of the cheekiest yet most clever plays in the game.

In a play that blends his high flying antics with some of the Aussie’s most infamous emotes, one player has discovered a way to demolish enemy health bars in style.

Junkrat Lounging Emote
Blizzard Entertainment
Players have discovered yet another way to annoy each other with Junkrat’s lounging emote.

Junkrat emote jump trick wipes enemies in style

On his home turf of Junkertown, one fan can be seen whipping out the infamous old lounging emote to devastating effect.

In a compilation of different emote plays, the Junkrat player uses his mine to boost himself over the competition, activating the lounging emote mid-air to attract less attention. Landing perfectly on the opposite wall, he then unleashes a devastating R.I.P-Tire that wipes out four members of the enemy team.

This is followed up at the end of the video, where a sneaky airborne/juggling emote combination just helps the Aussie onto the canyon cliffs of Route 66, from which yet another spikey bundle of joy is unleashed with devastating effects.

The comments are awash with players that are desperate to put this fun strategy to the test. “I guess I have to try this out,” confesses one.

“I didn’t even know you could emote in mid air,” admits another, while a final comment calls this “the most chad thing I’ve seen in my life.”

So if you’re looking to bounce around as Junkrat and flex on your opponents, be sure to give this cheeky little trick a spin. You can also make use of similar strategies on Pharah and Winston, so if Junkrat isn’t your cup of tea then don’t worry! There’s still plenty of opportunities to style on your enemies.