Crazy Overwatch trick lets Junkrat super jump without using any mines

Junkrat gets to high groundActivision Blizzard

Positioning yourself on the high ground is crucial to winning in Overwatch and a newly discovered Junkrat trick can let the explosive hero do just that without ever needing to use his mines.

Junkrat’s mines are incredibly powerful mobility tools that can damage nearby foes for a whopping 120 damage while also providing an aerial assist.

Despite Junkrat’s mines mostly used for the Grenade combo that can quickly eliminate any enemy that isn’t a tank, the mobility option mines provide cannot be overlooked, as they provide an escape when he’s being dove.

That said, having mine on a cool down and using it to access the high ground can be quite unfortunate as having the ability ready to go is always best.

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Junkrat talks to RoadhogBlizzard Entertainment
Imagine being able to super jump without mines!

Luckily, YouTuber and streamer McMagicMarv has discovered a neat way to save on mines while still letting Junkrat reach powerful positions.

The trick is very simple, as it lets Junkrat use his Grenades just like how Zarya uses her alternate fire for vertical mobility.

By bouncing a Grenade off the wall and jumping two seconds after it explodes, you can take advantage of the knockback for even more vertical height.

Another, faster method, is to use destructible objects to your advantage. Just jump as soon as the object, such as a crate, breaks and you’ll get nice height. Shooting these objects causes them to explode right away, so there’s no waiting involved.

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The other method is to shoot the ground, wait for the Grenade to come back into view and then jump. This can allow you to reach locations such as the platform by the defensive choke on Hanamura A.

Finally, the most extreme option is the ‘Double Nade’ jump. Fire a Grenade into the air, and then shoot a second on the ground just as the first lands. If you do it right and jump when the two explode, you’ll get a big leap out of it.

Just keep in mind that this really is only practical if you’re flanking or absolutely cannot afford to have one of your mines on cooldown. While it may not be useful every match, it can definitely come in handy if an opportunity presents itself. Keep it in mind and see if you can capitalize.

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