Junkrat holds off Overwatch assault with the best emote play possible

Lauren Bergin. Last updated: Feb 02, 2021
Junkrat Overwatch Lounge Emote
Blizzard Entertainment

Junkrat in Overwatch has become a fan favorite DPS pick. The crazy Australian has yet another trick up his sleeve though, because it turns out he can hold off a full frontal assault on Havana with a single emote.

Havana is one of the most difficult assault maps in the game. With beautifully crafted Latin American skyscrapers offering the perfect vantage points for snipers like Widowmaker and Hanzo, and back alleyways that give Sombra the perfect flank position, Havana is a map you either love or hate.

The Cuban capital is the last map that dropped for all game modes. So, as we draw ever closer to Blizzconline 2021, fans are hoping to get a sneak peek into some of the new locations that will be included in the sequel.

Until then though, one Reddit user has come to the rescue with this crazy Junkrat trick that lets you hold off an assault by just flexing a single emote.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Junkrat is a menace, but this time around he’s doing a whole lot of nothing.

Junkrat emote trick

As seen in a video from Reddit user Ramonbertrand, it turns out that a single emote from Junkrat can stop the enemy onslaught.

By spamming Junkrat’s ‘lounging” emote, the player proceeds to lie in the back of the pickup truck payload and remains completely unseen by the enemy team. Totally baffled, it’s clear that they have no idea that the psychotic Aussie is just chilling whilst farming towards his Ultimate.

In turn, when Junkrat is ready to start his RIP-Tyre engine, he pops out from his resting place and decimates the entire enemy team in one fell swoop.

Is this the best Junkrat trick?

While the idea is pretty funny, and the outcome even funnier in the case of Ramonbertrand’s video, this trick is a seriously clever idea.

Overwatch is, at its core, a tactical shooter. By incorporating something that should really just be a cosmetic into actual gameplay, it shows some keen planning.

Fancy giving this one a go? Might as well. After all, Havana isn’t going to know what hit it.